CTC Says Opposition To A New World Order Is Terrorist Activity

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According to a report from the “Combatting Terrorism Center”  at West Point, ‘Anti-Federalists’ who oppose a New World Order as well as  members of several other far right wing activist groups are potential terrorist threats.

West  Point is the U.S. Military Academy that trains, educates, and prepares  Cadets for their service in the U.S. Army. The CTC (Combatting Terrorism Center) at West Point was established  following the events on September 11, 2001 because of the belief that strong  initiative was needed to prepare Cadets for the new environments they would be  headed into upon graduating in the post-9/11 era. The CTC provides a unique  terrorism-based education and since its creation, the program has received  international recognition for its studies, reports, and teachings on terrorism  and terrorist threats. A new report from the CTC, however, suggests that far right wing  political activists, not radical Islamic groups, are the new terrorist threat in  America and even goes so far as to say that those who oppose a ‘New World Order’  are potentially violent terrorists.

One of the groups this report warns of  is the modern ‘Anti-Federalist’ group, which the report says contains people who  believe the American political system has been hijacked by external forces  interested in promoting a ‘New World Order,’ an idea that has even been  confirmed by David Rockefeller in his book “Memoirs” [1] and George H.W. Bush in various  speeches. The CTC report goes on to say that these ‘Anti-Federalists’  believe the federal government has become corrupt and tyrannical because of its  intrusion on the civil constitutional rights of the American people and support  civil activism, individual freedoms, and self-government.

According to the  report, these people believe that the push for a tyrannical global government  would result in disarming the American people and their violence, the report  says, may be directed towards the federal government itself and its proxies in  law enforcement.The FBI and Department of Homeland  Security have already released documents which suggest that anyone who has  coffee grinders, coffee filters, goggles, and scientific equipment could be involved in creating CBR weapons and should be  reported to local authorities. They have also stated that photographers should be monitored for potential terrorism  and they have released guidelines for suspicious activity reporting at hotels. This  newly released CTC report, which showcases the exploitation of people like  Timothy McVeigh and the small wave of violence from right wing groups in the  1990s to suggest that all right-wingers are potentially violent and even loosely  associates those who oppose a one world government with skinheads, Neo-Nazis,  and the KKK, is only a small example of the growing paranoia over terrorism and  the expanding surveillance state in America.

Why is this all important? Regardless  of personal ties to these groups, we must be asking the following question: If  these people can be classified so easily as terrorists, what would prevent  everyone from being a potential terrorist? Because according to American policy, anyone suspected of terrorism can now be indefinitely detained  without a trial.

[1] David Rockefeller, “Memoirs”  autobiography (2002, Random House Publishers), page 405


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