Democracy Now? or Dishonesty Now! (VIDEO)

Democracy Now? or Dishonesty Now! (VIDEO) | democracy-now-dishonesty | False Flags Mainstream Media Multimedia Propaganda Sleuth Journal Special Interests US News War Propaganda

“Democracy Now? Change the name: Fascism Now!”, honorable ex-CIA whistle-blower Suzan Lindauer.

A growing number of credible figures from around the world are starting to denounce Democracy Now as a propaganda outlet for “humanitarian intervention” on behalf of the State Department and the military industrial complex.

While the MSM conduct their smear campaign on alternative media, it is time to fight back using their own ammunition (lies) and expose the rapidly collapsing corporate media including “Democracy Now”.

This is an expose and analysis of the psychological tactics used by Democracy Now to keep you misinformed about the issues that really matter and how they covertly push for regime change abroad.

Verify Events Research

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About The Author

Waldemar Perez is a Mechanical Engineer who worked for the Department of Defense and a military contractor. He is an independent researcher, political atheist and an on-line activist living in the Pacific Northwest. His interests include, finance, secret human experimentation, modern day eugenics, covert medicine, geopolitics, false flag operations, mainstream media as a weapon of war, high-tech propaganda tactics (like the use of actors and staged massacres to manipulate public opinion), 9/11, police militarization and other conspiracies of the shadow government and the elite. As an activist his passion includes exposing the lies and deceptions of the deep state and educating the public on key historical facts not well advertised to the public like Operation Northwoods. His Youtube channel Verify Events Research covers a wide variety of subjects.

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