Deplorable Ignorance and Indifference of Most Americans

Deplorable Ignorance and Indifference of Most Americans | american-flag-reflection-times-square | Special Interests US News War Propaganda


Americans are the most over-entertained, uninformed people on the planet – mostly know-nothings about domestic and geopolitical issues mattering most. 


A new Gallup poll provides more evidence – 58% of respondents supporting war if peaceful methods with North Korea fail.


Americans are so out-of-touch with reality they have no idea that the Trump administration ruled out dialogue with Pyongyang or why.


They have no understanding of what nuclear war means, endangering the lives and welfare millions of people in North and South Korea, others potentially in Japan and cross-border in China.


They fail to grasp the possibility that war on the DPRK could invite China’s intervention to protect its security, Russia possibly getting involved for the same reason.


They can’t comprehend the legitimate threat North Korea faces. Lacking powerful weapons invites hostile US intervention, all sovereign independent countries threatened by Washington’s rage for dominance, vulnerable to mass slaughter and destruction like other nations America attacked.


Nuclear and ballistic missile capabilities aren’t a protective shield from US aggression, but they greatly diminish the odds of a preemptive attack – the sole reason Pyongyang wants them, for defense, not offense, their right under international law.


Scoundrel media mind manipulation has most Americans fooled most of the time – why Washington gets away with ravaging and destroying one country after another with shamefully little public opposition.


Most Americans are ignorant about what’s going on or indifferent to oppose publicly it like during the Vietnam era.


Anti-war fervor made a difference. Americas took to the streets nationwide. University faculty members across the country held “teach-ins,” instructing students about the immorality of US war and the political background of its involvement. 


Thousands attended rallies in Washington and elsewhere. In November 1969, half a million massed in the nation’s capital against Southeast Asia war. Resistance leaders urged young men to burn their draft cards.


On April 4, 1967, one year to the day before his state-sponsored assassination, Martin Luther King delivered his powerful anti-war “Beyond Vietnam” address in New York’s Riverside Church – calling America “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today.”


Now it’s much worse than then, America at war in multiple theaters directly and with proxy terrorist fighters, threatening war on other nations, risking nuclear war on the Korean peninsula – besides possible confrontation with Russia and/or China.


Gallup showed most Americans prefer war to anti-war resistance, the earlier spirit against US aggression gone.


Only 39% of respondents oppose attacking North Korea. Would they send loved ones to fight?Would they go themselves? Gallup didn’t ask to find out.

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Sadly Accurate

Ignorance is bliss and extremely dangerous. Relying upon MSM for truth and accuracy is ever MORE dangerous. As I surf social media, the young and old uneducated commenters are alarmingly stupid. I thought Gallop's numbers would be even more indicting. Thanks for the article, Lendman.

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    • wandakate

      Yes Americans are OUT of touch with reality and many other things. Just yesterday I read an article about false prophets and Jim Bakkers name came up. Somebody in turn made a comment on that thread about Jim and Tammy Fay. Tammy Fay and Jim divorced many years ago when he was in prison and she remarried his best friend. Then some years after that she passed away from cancer. He’s been married to his new wife 19 yrs. his junior for some time now and her name is Lori Bakker. She’s the one on his television program with him and has been for several years now, and this (out of touch/uninformed) person still thinks that Lori is actually Tammy Faye…Just one example.

      In the new Dr.’s office yesterday I made an appt. for October and when I got home to look at the paperwork she had written down my appt. date on a card with the name Mary on it. My name isn’t Mary…I am wondering just how many mistakes do these people make daily due to multitasking or just not paying attention or from spending time on their cell phone texting and looking at apps…Many of them can’t even concentrate on what they’re supposed to be doing b/c they can’t put the phone down long enough, it’s frightening, really. It could be very serious, or a matter of life and death. Texting and checking apps while driving with one hand down the road could get you killed…or somebody doing that could hit you head on just as easily!!!
      Most people don’t even know the name of the President of North Korea or what he’s up too for that matter…duhhhh!!!