Disclosure: Multiple Proofs That No Passenger Jet Ever Hit the Pentagon on 9/11 (VIDEOS)

Disclosure: Multiple Proofs That No Passenger Jet Ever Hit the Pentagon on 9/11 (VIDEOS) | pentagon-9-11 | 911 Truth Black Ops False Flags Government Government Control Government Corruption Multimedia News Articles Pentagon Propaganda Sleuth Journal Special Interests US News War Propaganda

Where did the plane go? (watch, we’ll show you)

While the 9/11 attack on New York City takes up much of the investigation conversation surrounding events of that day, the Pentagon explosion has been left off to the side, but this incredibly well-researched film entitled, National Security Alert – The 9/11 Pentagon Event, breaks it down in a citizen investigation which is second to none on this controversial subject. The film prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the government’s official report on the Pentagon attack should be deemed as false. Watch…

Documentary: ‘National Security Alert – The 9/11 Pentagon Event’

Learn more: http://www.citizeninvestigationteam.com

The video below, presents the filmed testimony of one former Pentagon employee, an interview from the documentary, 9/11 Ripple Effect, which supports the National Security Alert conclusions explained in the previous film above. Watch…

Finally, watch this excellent compilation which puts the focus on high crime overlooked in and around the events of September 11, 2001, not least of all, then Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s own admission on Sept 10, 2001, that approximately $3 trillion dollars went missing from the defense budget prior to 9/11 – a fact which has never been investigated by the US federal government and remains buried underneath the horrific events of the following day.

Short film: ‘A Guide to Oppression’

“The artists associated with this project do not claim ownership to any of the footage shown in this video or sound clips used in the song. This is the first video in the series “A Guide to Oppression” by Drew Imagination, Code-E-Keyz, and Psy Fidelity”. Watch…

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