Do You Know What Your Feeding Your Pets?

Do You Know What Your Feeding Your Pets? | dog-and-cat-food | General Health

Cornucopia’s new report, Decoding Pet Food: Adulteration, Toxic Ingredients, and the Best Choices for Your Companion Animals, sheds light on pet food industry regulations that allow diseased and “downer” livestock, expired grocery store meat, moldy grain, and carcinogenic additives in pet foods. In addition to unnecessary grains, starches, and unnatural dietary components, many dog and cat foods also contain unneeded artificial colors and known intestinal inflammatory agents like carrageenan.

Among the most alarming discoveries, the report outlines the concern over rendered products that are not species specific, labeled as “meat meal” or “meat and bone meal” and containing animals that died “other than by slaughter.” These ingredients may contain the carcasses of companion animals that have been euthanized.

You can read the full report here.

The attendant buying guide helps consumers sort through their options and choose the healthiest foods for our valued canine and feline companions.

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