Does “Conspiracy TV” Help or Hinder ? (VIDEO)

Does "Conspiracy TV" Help or Hinder ? (VIDEO) | Moon-TV-460x259 | Conspiracy Corner Multimedia Propaganda Sleuth Journal Special Interests US News

I have participated in six television specials covering the topic of the “Moon Landing Conspiracy”. In the first five of these programs, the most compelling evidence of the actual fraud, though made readily available to the producers of the programs well in advance, was deliberately disregarded and not used, each and every time. In this most recent sixth production, the condemning evidence was only shown for a few seconds, and then without in-depth comment or analyzation, so as to not bring to light the deplorable and undeniable truth of the fraud of the alleged “moon missions” contained therein. This is the recently uncovered evidence that debuted in my film “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon” (linked in “References” below), which convinces four out of five people who view it, who previously believed that the moon landings were real, that they were, in reality, a finely orchestrated CIA deception.

In 2001, lower level producers of the BBC in England, a diplomatic brother of the United States, excitedly accepted for broadcast my documentary “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon”, paid a handsome sum for the licensing rights, and put the film in their upcoming television schedule. Days before the broadcast of this irrefutable evidence that the American “moon landings” of the 1960’s were a Cold War deception, I was informed privately that a phone call from a United States intelligence agency was made to the executives at the BBC, ardently demanding that their program debuting such evidence of the “moon landing” fraud be permanently cancelled. It was. I was even bribed thousands of dollars to merely sign a affidavit to never publicize this fact of their pressured retraction, which I promptly refused, otherwise I would be breaking such a contract with these very words explaining the behind-the-scenes negotiations to hide the truth from the public.

In 2005, inspired lower level producers at NBC flew me to New York City, put me up in the prestigious Waldorf Astoria hotel, and paid me thousands of dollars, to explain on camera, the newly discovered footage I uncovered of unedited behind-the-scenes outtakes of fraudulent Apollo 11 photography contained in my documentary “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon”, and how it conclusively proves that the “Apollo” crews never left Earth orbit. The interview, though costing NBC thousands of dollars to produce, was never aired. I was told privately by one of the producers, that if NBC broadcasted this revealing footage of the moon landing fraud, NASA threatened to shut down their satellite links in space. Wow!

In 2009, I was asked by independent producers, wishing to submit a film on the moon landing “conspiracy theory” to the National Geographic Channel (a United States propaganda firm which has for decades attempted to reinforce the “moon mission” authenticity in their publications), to comment on this very same television network’s “reenactment” of a moon landing set in the California desert, in a wily attempt to disprove the blatant moon landing fraud showcased in my documentary. They had gone to the desert, at night, put up an electrical spotlight, and, in their minds, and in the minds of those they were trying to convince, simulated the “Apollo” photographs on the “moon”.

In this television special they said, “And though we can’t duplicate the intensity of the sun here in the night desert, our single studio light is powerful enough for our experiment”. They went on to attempt to demonstrate, by having an electrical spotlight simulate the sun on the lunar surface of the “Apollo” photographs in a desert on Earth at night, that intersecting shadows, contrary to the clear evidence shown in my film, were completely normal and expected in sunlight on the moon, as NASA claims were the conditions of all of their “moon” photographs.

If you simply go outside at noon on a cloudless day and stand next to another person, you will see that it is impossible for your shadow and the shadow of your companion to ever intersect, because the sun is a million times bigger than the Earth in volume and is ninety-three million miles away, unlike an electrical spotlight of about two feet in width which is a mere fifteen feet away, hence the convergence of shadows in the proximity of two people standing near an electrical light, one to the left of it and one to the right of it, which obviously cast shadows in different directions, causing them to eventually intersect, unlike sunlight which ALWAYS casts shadows in a parallel direction.

Does "Conspiracy TV" Help or Hinder ? (VIDEO) | Shadows-1-400x300 | Conspiracy Corner Multimedia Propaganda Sleuth Journal Special Interests US News


Does "Conspiracy TV" Help or Hinder ? (VIDEO) | Parallel-Shadows-1-460x260 | Conspiracy Corner Multimedia Propaganda Sleuth Journal Special Interests US News

The National Geographic Society television network told the viewing audience that if shadows intersected in the “Apollo” pictures, it was because that is what they were supposed to do, as “proved” by their reenactment of it with an electrical light in the desert on Earth at night. What is absolutely astonishing, is that while this network told their television viewers that this was “concrete proof” of the authenticity of NASA’s photographs allegedly taken on the moon, this very methodology actually proves the fraud! Think about it . . . They were using an electrical light to duplicate the authenticity of the “Apollo” pictures, when in fact, they were actually demonstrating that the NASA photographs were taken by electrical light, rather than sunlight as NASA claims, as it is electrical light that duplicates the illogical intersection of the shadows shown in NASA’s official pictures as well as in their reenactment of the lighting conditions on the moon!

They said, “We can’t duplicate the intensity of the sun here in the night desert”, when all that they had to do was to wait twelve hours and take their pictures in the natural sunlight of the day in the desert (instead of the night with an electrical light), as sunlight during the day was supposed to be the conditions on the moon! Had they done so, the shadows would have never intersected, proving the fraud of NASA!


The very fact that they can only replicate NASA’s “moon” pictures with artificial electrical light is absolute proof that the pictures were taken with artificial electrical light, instead of sunlight on the moon as NASA claims, all the while they lied to the public and said this very methodology which itself proves the fraud, instead, proves the exact opposite of the truth!


It seems to me, if a television network really wanted to find out whether or not the moon landings were real, and were presented with incontrovertible evidence of the fraud by a long time investigator of the matter such as myself, they would showcase this most compelling evidence prominently in their program and let the investigator openly make the most compelling arguments revealing the fraud, rather than editing such evidence out of their programs each and every time. Seeing how all television network’s “conspiracy” programs about the moon landing fraud have deliberately omitted the strongest evidence presented to them which proves the fraud, how then can their programs discussing the controversy really be interested in revealing Truth to the public?

Obviously, their real motive is to disprove the emerging truth!

Having their program’s narrator repeatedly saying things like “When humans finally traveled to the moon” and “When Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon”, makes it clear what their agenda really is, to try to extinguish, if they can, the growing flame of reality to the contrary, which is ablaze all around them and threatens their corrupt establishment. Having the central critic of their program open with the remarks, “Any ‘sane’ person knows that the moon missions were real,” is thereby saying to everyone, “Only ‘crazy’ people believe the truth that moon missions were falsified . . . You don’t want to be considered ‘crazy’ do you?”

These television networks never mention the simple fact that, according to scientific protocol, a first of an outrageous, never before accomplished, scientific claim has to first be verified and repeated by a third independent party in order to qualify as fact, which has never happened with the alleged moon missions. To me, what is “crazy”, is to believe that the most difficult aviation accomplishment of all time, traveling to another heavenly body in outer space and successfully returning safely, was done on the very first attempt with 1960’s technology, when new airplanes such as the 747, made at the very same time, were taking one hundred or more attempts to simply get off the ground. Isn’t it actually crazy to believe that, with rudimentary 1960’s computer and rocket technology, they were able to go one thousand times farther than the international space station is able to go today? Isn’t it actually “crazy” to believe that a scientific accomplishment allegedly done in the 1960’s, on the very first attempt, cannot be repeated by any nation on Earth, including the one who first made the outrageous claim, even sixty years later, as this is the earliest date that anyone even projects to be able to do so?

Additionally, their number one leading argument to substantiate their claim of the unrepeatable moon mission’s authenticity five decades ago with antiquated 1960’s technology, which is repeated over and over again in every television special on this topic, is that such a secret of the fraud could not be maintained with the hundreds of thousands of assembly workers involved in the manufacturing of all the components of the rocket. On each and every occasion, after they film my very simple and irrefutable reply to their lack of in-depth analysis of this so-called “proof”, they edit out my debilitating logical response because it shows that their central argument is entirely unfounded and, in reality, completely insupportable. They have deleted my simple, argument defeating, rebuttal to their claim six times in a row, from every single program broadcast on the subject of the moon landing fraud! Why would they do this, if they were really interested in presenting the Truth?

What they continue to edit out, is my pointing to the simple fact that their argument is like saying a lowly bank teller, and the executives at the helm of the multibillion dollar conglomerate for which they work, are privy to the same inside information of the bank’s operation. This is completely laughable, yet they make this same unfounded argument over and over again, editing out my response to it because it makes them look either foolish or deliberately misleading the public. Which is it?

Do you really think the CIA is so stupid to tell the person making the door of the rocket or the glove of the spacesuit, “Hey, let me tell you a secret. The moon landings are really fake, but please don’t tell anyone”?

Just like a banking empire, what their lower level employees know, and what the CEO knows, is completely, and vastly, different. The “moon” rocket was a figurative and literal pyramid. Only the people at the very top were actually there on the missions, in this case, only three Masonic members of the federal government. Even the ground crews at mission control, who most would consider to be “high level” employees, admitted afterwards, that they could tell no difference whatsoever between a “practice simulation” and an actual flight. It merely took one CIA computer programmer to falsify the data on their computer screens and a handful of operatives, who were sworn to secrecy under penalty of death, to build the fake lunar landscapes at a secured military base. This exact scenario of secrecy was successfully executed nearly twenty-five years earlier, when the first atomic bomb was being constructed, on which nearly one hundred thirty thousand people labored, each not knowing the real purpose of their endeavors, due to the clever and deliberate departmentalization of their efforts, instigated to keep all but a select few in the dark of the program’s real intention.

Furthermore, unlike World War Two, which took place on Earth in front of billions of witnesses, with tens of thousands of independent journalists covering the event, the “moon landings” were the only grandiose moment in history with no independent press coverage whatsoever. Whatever television images and photographs were received by the billions of people on Earth, they were completely created and controlled by the “honorable” Nixon administration and his devious CIA, who were previously known, by their own admission decades later, that the “Gulf of Tonkin Incident”, an alleged attack by the North Vietnamese on the United States, was completely fabricated to garner public support for the unpopular Vietnam War.

In all six television specials, about the growing proponents of the government’s moon landing deception which they are forced to address, my remarks pointing out this obvious fact of the government’s unprecedented complete control of the media during the “Apollo” missions, as well as in-depth analysis of my newly uncovered unedited footage of the fraud, are never shown to the public. Why? Because it proves the moon landing fraud beyond doubt to any open-minded, unbrainwashed individual.


“One of the saddest lessons of history is this:

If we’ve been bamboozled long enough,

we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle.

We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth.

The bamboozle has captured us.

It’s simply too painful to acknowledge,

even to ourselves,

that we’ve been taken.

Once you give a charlatan power over you,

you almost never get it back.”

Carl Sagan

“It is easier to fool people

than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

-Mark Twain-


Brother Bart-


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