Does HIV Cause AIDS? Studies Suggest There is No Link

Does HIV Cause AIDS? Studies Suggest There is No Link | hivdoesnotcauseaids-450x300 | General Health Science & Technology Special Interests

There is no doubt that AIDS is responsible for some tough experiences in life as it relates to health. This can be a touchy subject because it literally has been a very large subject with fear attached to it for many years. When it comes to the HIV/AIDS myth what we are looking at is simple: There is a common belief that HIV leads to AIDS. We wanted to discover if this link is in fact true and if so how does it do that.

In our findings we discovered that there is no scientific evidence that exists today that proves the existence of HIV. And AIDS is simply a term for a HUGE umbrella of potential diseases. Someone in Canada can be diagnosed with AIDS but go to the US and they would not be diagnosed with AIDS. That same person could go to a country in Europe and also not be considered to have AIDS but go somewhere else and be positive! Why is there such a lack of distinction about what AIDS truly is? Why so many different definitions? Our findings lead us to realize that AIDS is now considered to be many things and we have not decided what AIDS actually is.

“Because it has been surrounded with so much emotion, very few people are capable of looking at AIDS logically.” Mark Gabrish Conlan, AIDS researcher

“If there is evidence that HIV causes AIDS, there should be scientific documents which either singly or collectively demonstrate that fact, at least with a high probability. There is no such document.”

Dr. Kary Mullis, Biochemist, 1993 Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

“Up to today there is actually no single scientifically convincing evidence for the existence of HIV. Not even once such a retrovirus has been isolated and purified by the methods of classical virology.”

Dr. Heinz Ludwig Sanger, Emeritus Professor of Molecular Biology and Virology, Max-Planck-Institutes for Biochemistry, Munchen.

The interesting this is, someone can go to the doctor, be completely healthy with not a single problem and be tested positive for HIV. It is no doubt that a person would go into panic as they are now thinking they are going to develop AIDS and die. What is also important to note, and this has happened a staggeringly large amount of times, the same person can be tested again for HIV be not be found HIV positive. In fact, a patient can be tested 10 times for HIV and the test may show positive 5 times and negative 5 times. Why is this the case? Because the tests for HIV are not actually testing for HIV but instead looking for antibodies. HIV test are known in the medical field as been notoriously inaccurate.

What’s important to note about HIV tests is that they are not a test for AIDS and they are not even a test for HIV. According to the FDA, they are simply a test for antibodies linked to HIV. If one were to have the antibodies to the virus, they would in essence be virtually immune to the diseases it could cause. Meaning those tested positive for “HIV” are actually being tested positive for antibodies, not HIV. In those cases, they are not sick and have a higher immunity to the diseases linked to AIDS. Not only that, scientific studies have shown that nearly 90% of HIV test are scientifically innacurate.

The HIV myth begins with Dr. Robert Gallo who is stated to be the physician who located and isolated the HIV virus and who claimed to have pictures of it. Since his apparent discoveries he has become the person who designed the tests for HIV and owns 79 HIV/AIDS related patents have earned him over $1 billion in the private sector. All of this fame, all of this money for something that he has no scientific proof of.

“…instead of trying to prove his insane theories about AIDS to his peers…he went public. Then, with the help of Margaret Heckler, former head of Health and Human Services, who was under great political pressure to come up with an answer to AIDS, the infamous world press announcement of the discovery of the so-called AIDS virus came about. This great fraud is now responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands… It was no accident that Gallo just happened to patent the test for HIV the day after the announcement…Gallo is now a multi-millionaire because of AIDS and his fraudulent AIDS test.”

The myth that HIV causes AIDS is based on the belief that HIV causes AIDS by killing the CD4+ T cells directly or indirectly after long incubation times (about 10 years), and the number of these cells will reach very low levels (<300/ µL) which leads to severe immune deficiency. People who have severe immune deficiency usually suffer from viral infections, bacterial, fungal and yeast infections. Certain forms of cancer such Kaposi’s sarcoma (KS) and lymphoma are also linked to AIDS. It is important to note that in many cases if someone is found to have these diseases they are not even tested for HIV. They are simply labeled as having AIDS. If they die from any of these ailments it is submitted n medical records as a death due to AIDS. Those patients are not even tested for HIV. This tells us that we aren’t really diagnosing people with AIDS but more so just calling conditions AIDS when patients have other ailments. AIDS simply refers to having immune issues which is not caused by AIDS but more so by malnutrition and drug use.

Studies conducted in USA and Europe found that most AIDS cases were found in homosexuals and drug users. This includes alcohol. The regular uses of alcohol, heroin, cocaine, amphetamines, and alkyl nitrite cause chronic health problems of the nervous system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, kidneys and other tissues in these individuals. These substances are what is causing the immune system to collapse. Not HIV. But this isn’t the only thing killing people. The very treatment of AIDS kills more AIDS patients than anything else. It is important to note that homosexual men were not passing on HIV and AIDS through sex. This is a myth. It is actually extremely difficult and extremely rare to contract any form of virus link to AIDS through sex. Most homosexual men who were reported to have AIDS were heavy drug users especially when it came to alkyl nitrite which was found in a popular product sold at clubs called “Poppers.” This was a direct cause of extreme respiratory system issues that exist under the AIDS umbrella. So although these homosexual men were dying of respiratory problems shutting down their immune system, it was all called AIDS.

By putting more and more diseases under the AIDS umbrella it means that the AIDS numbers and apparent epidemic become more real. Meanwhile someone who is simply malnourished in Africa is considered to have AIDS.

“…AIDS is not a disease at all – it is a government program.”

Dr. Fabio Franchi

AZT, the drug given to HIV and AIDS patients, is a very toxic drug that if taken for 3 months or more has shown to actually cause what the medical field considers AIDS. This means it is causing a severe immune deficiency often leading to death by simple ailments. In many reported cases, apparent HIV positive patients who do not take the drug live very long and normal lives as if HIV does not exist in their body. Many who have opted to take the drug have died not too long after dosage began. The cause of death again being submitted to medical record is AIDS. In fact, the most common cause of death in “HIV positive” patients is liver failure which is directly caused by the use of AZT.

To sum up the myth that HIV causes AIDS I feel we first have to realize, there really is no scientific proof that HIV exists so how can we say it causes AIDS? There is no denying that the medical field is very undecided and divided when it comes to what AIDS is and there is also strong suggestion that the medical field is unable to prove HIV exists. The lack of HIV is proven through the fact that we don’t even have tests for it and the so called “HIV tests” we do have have been proven to be inaccurate up to 90% of the time. Further, why would we be labeling people with AIDS and claiming AIDS is the cause of death without even testing them for HIV if HIV was the important factor here? In terms of AIDS. We have to realize it is simply a massive umbrella of diseases where if one is found to have any of these diseases they are considered to have AIDS. Also, in most cases, AZT, the treatment of AIDS, actually is proven to cause AIDS itself. So if this research reveals anything, it is AT LEAST showing us that there is much less known about HIV and AIDS than what is often put out by mainstream news and medicine. And shockingly, a lot of evidence points to some pretty serious faults in what we have been told.


Documentary and research from ‘House of Numbers’ a film by Bren Leung the documentary contains information from leading AIDS doctors and researchers who are directly involved in the unbiased discovery of what AIDS and HIV is.

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