Don’t Be Fooled By Big Ag: Organic Is Productive

Don’t Be Fooled By Big Ag: Organic Is Productive | farmers-market1-460x230 | Agriculture & Farming Organic Market Classifieds Organics

We have all heard the propaganda about how organics cannot feed the world, and that companies like Monsanto are providing food security. In truth, peer-reviewed scientific studies show that organic farming produces higher quantities of more nutritious and far less toxic food than chemical agriculture. As industrialized agriculture has spread, hunger and poverty continue to rise. Mono-cropping in industrial agriculture lessens biodiversity, resulting in the narrowing of nutrients in our food. Support the health of your family and the earth by purchasing organic products. To help you choose authentically organic brands, Cornucopia offers scorecards for dairy, eggs, soy, yogurt and more under the Scorecards tab on our website.


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