Download The Shoppers Guide To Avoiding GMO Foods

Download The Shoppers Guide To Avoiding GMO Foods | gmo-shoppers-guide-460x256 | GMOs Organic Market Classifieds Organics

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are in more than 75% of the foods on America’s supermarket shelves and restaurant menus.

The Center for Food Safety, led by Food Revolution Summit speaker Andrew Kimbrell, has put together a shoppers guide to help you know which foods do, and which don’t, contain GMOs.

More than 90% of the American public wants the United States to join the 64 nations that have mandatory GMO labeling. At the Food Revolution Network, we’re working hard to make labeling in the United States a reality. But until we get there, one of the most powerful ways you can support non-GMO agriculture, and protect yourself and your loved ones from possible GMO related health dangers, is to shop non-GMO.

In addition to a list of brands that produce non-GMO foods, and lots of valuable education, the mobile app also features action tools that enable you to speak out directly through the app to companies that use GMOs, as well as to state and federal agencies and officials.

Get your complimentary Shoppers Guide and app today.

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