Drake’s Bay Oyster Co. Put Out of Business by Agenda 21 (VIDEO)

Drake's Bay Oyster Co. Put Out of Business by Agenda 21 (VIDEO) | Picture1 | Agenda 21 Agriculture & Farming Global Bankster Takeover Globalism Government Government Control Government Corruption Losing Rights New World Order News Articles Special Interests United Nations US News This is a sad story exposing the brand of contrived science that is the defining M.O. of U.N. Agenda 21 Sustainable Development; this time putting Drake’s Bay Oyster Co. — an 80-year-old company — located in the Point Reyes Estuary just north of San Fransisco out of business. As you will see in the short documentary below, this is a gut-wrenching tale in and of itself. However, if this tragedy can shed some light and help folks recognize the earmarks of the oppression we find ourselves in the grips of, and how it translates to the decimation of everything we hold dear, then maybe there is reason hiding in the unreasonable.

The Agenda employs proven plays from past oppressions. Divide and Conquer (the Left/Right paradigm, pro-green/pro-business), repetitive propaganda (Goebbels). Hegel’s formula for oppression: Problem/Reaction/Solution. It is a Soviet model of governance empowering an alphabet of unelected NGOs, agencies, coalitions and “advocacy” groups employed to make decisions and synthesize “consensus” for the Agenda’s implementation all cloaked in a green blanket of lies.

Agenda 21 also uses the Precautionary Principal. This guilty ’till proven innocent postulate basically states that in the absense of their scientific consensus, our activities can be stopped even if suspected to pose any potential risk of harm to the environment. Once such an accusation has been fabricated, the burdon of proof that it is not harmful falls on those under this scrutiny. These unfounded accusations can defy common sense, and often do.

Hundreds of dams have been blown up ruining generations of agriculture, ranching, growing, destroying clean hydro-electric operations and allowing fresh water to run to the ocean, by citing the detriment to salmon spawning, or deference to fish that aren’t even indigenous to the local ecosystem.

Locals have made suggestions to build salmon bypasses next to dams, but these are ignored. Even if in reality wildlife is unaffected, locals find themselves having to prove a negative to Agenda 21 adherent bureaucrats to defend their rights and property. Public access is being prohibited over mating habits of birds locals have never even seen. Dream homes or even guest cottages are denied based on frog or salamander habitat in wetlands miles away.

This particular act of tyranny regarding Drake’s Bay Oyster Co. will do much detriment to Point Reyes’ local economy in terms of their livelihood, tourism and a culture; a way of life carried on for many generations. These operations are orchestrated and engineered to serve globalist ends in communities across our country. Coercions pursuant to the Wildlands Network Project which calls for humans being restricted to designated areas, and the vast majority of North America “rewilded”. Carried out by officials selected and well paid for their willingness to go with the program. It is yet another use of the Hegalian Dialectic. As the fear/reaction component of the dialectic can evoke physiological changes to make the populace more receptive to the power of suggestion … then a solution.

How ironic that well-meaning “greenies” in your community would have their appreciation of nature reduced to old photos if the Agenda is fully realized. Yet they are commandeered as foot soldiers to implement Adolph’s Urban Planning 101. It’s difficult to enjoy nature when restricted to a Transit Village/Human Settlement gulag.

Such an evil paradox that this controlling cabal could have their way with our planet with their “geo-engineering”, turn our plasma to a microwave, orchestrate the Gulf disaster, etc., etc… Yet seek to impose guilt on our children and oppress the world under an environmental Agenda!

The dreaded phone call came Thursday Nov. 29th to Drake Bay Oyster Co. owner Kevin Lunny informing him that it was over. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar informed the family that Friday, Nov. 30th was the end of another American Dream.


Article from 12/5/12 http://www.thesleuthjournal.com/u-s-evicting-point-reyes-oyster-farmer-sfgate/

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James Bennett is a business man and prolific activist from Sonoma County Ca. James says that , “Although I’ve never been politically active, like many I’ve become someone I never thought I’d be…so that we don’t end up with a life we never thought we’d have.”

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