Drones To Forcibly Vaccinate The Public?

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funds research into UAV vaccine delivery

Drones To Forcibly Vaccinate The Public? | drone-460x258 | Bill Gates Drones Science & Technology Vaccines
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Many were alarmed to learn online retail giant Amazon was considering using drones to deliver products, however a proposed future use for drones is infinitely more sinister and concerning.

In May 2012, a team of student researchers at Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology scored $100,000 in funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to “develop unmanned aerial vehicles for developing world countries that can be deployed by health care workers via cell phones to swiftly deliver vaccines to hard-to-reach locations.”

The project was commissioned as one of the Gates Foundation’s Round 8 Grand Challenges in Global Health Explorations with the goal being to Design New Approaches to Optimize Immunization Systems.

Bill Gates funding a vaccine delivery-via-drone method should come as no surprise.

For decades, the Gates Foundation, with the full cooperation of the World Health Organization, has been involved in vaccine development and population control research.

Last year, for instance, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation awarded eleven teams of scientists $100,000 grants to continue research developing “better,” stronger condoms.

The “philanthropic” entrepreneur was also behind a push to unload Monsanto’s failed MON810 GM corn on African countries, and has consistently promoted HPV vaccines, through the GAVI Alliance, for people in poor nations.

However, sometimes the occasional snag is hit, like when one of the Gates-backed vaccines caused 47,500 cases of non-polio paralysis in India.

Although widely perceived to have joined the “family planning” movement after a foray into the electronics industry made him a billionaire, Bill Gates’ father, William Henry Gates Sr., was actually the “head of Planned Parenthood” at one time, according to Gates himself.

One can only guess what horrendous future awaits us all if vaccine deliveries via drones take off.


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Article originally appeared at Infowars

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