Thoughts on Eating a Healthy Breakfast and Lunch

Thoughts on Eating a Healthy Breakfast and Lunch | eating-food-table | General Health Special Interests

Whenever there is discussion of weight loss methods, “eat healthy!” is always a suggestion. My opinion is no exception. I’ve devoted several recent blog posts to discussions about weight loss and the importance of implementing healthy eating habits in order to achieve it. The key word is “habit” and it’s necessary to understand that it means “every day”. Healthy eating habits don’t come in the form of an occasional bottle of vegetable juice, a once-in-a-while banana, diet soda instead of regular, or gorging out on 100 calorie snack packs of cookies and chips.

Eating healthy means regularly consuming a significant amount of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, seeds, and nuts; organic is best. Pragmatically, that means when you’re at the grocery store, you should be spending most of your time in the produce section. Here’s a litmus test, when you’re unpacking your groceries, are you putting away raw staples or are you filling the pantry and freezer with boxed, bagged, processed, and packaged stuff? Don’t get me wrong, there are some great food companies that do make some great offerings. However, if you’re mostly relying on the frozen food aisle and its toxic partnership with your microwave for your dietary needs… there’s a good chance your diet has room to improve.


Instead, start the day with fruit. Blackberries in the morning are awesome, so are strawberries. Bananas are conveniently packaged, naturally! Smoothies and fresh juice are fantastic ways to easily consume fruits and vegetables and they’re really effective ways to work in some of the nutrient-dense, power foods, like kale or chia seeds, that maybe aren’t as palatable by themselves. Raw nuts are a great source of protein and healthy fats and a handful will go a long way in satiating your appetite. Ready to make a commitment? Put your money where your mouth is and invest in a juicer and blender to facilitate new habits.


I’ve known a lot of people with busy jobs who go out to eat almost every day of the week. Now, there’s nothing inherently wrong with going out to eat every day. If you can afford it, there are plenty of restaurants that serve high quality food in responsible portions and remove the raw-material purchasing burden from your shoulders. However, a consistent problem I’ve noticed is that most folks don’t go to the best restaurants and don’t always order the best options. One fast food sandwich turns into one more. The benefits of a spinach salad are negated by a pound of croutons and quart of creamy dressing. “I’ll have a water” turns into having a 32oz soft drink instead. Avoiding the optional bag of chips quickly mutates to deciding which artificial flavor of chips to get.


Life doesn’t exist in a vacuum of controlled variables and environments. It’s dynamic. Plans change, we run late, friends come over, priorities are shuffled, and sometimes the scenic route presents itself… and sometimes we should take it. What does this mean with regard to the foods you eat? It means the occasional brunch with friends is a good thing. It means accepting an invite with a new acquaintance to try a new restaurant has beneficial factors beyond fat gram content. It means having a dessert on your birthday. The infrequency of those exceptions are what make them special and they’re also made possible by having solid dietary habits the other 90% of the time- the less interesting times. I don’t know about you, but my Tuesday mornings are usually not that exciting and don’t warrant a sugary, fatty treat from Starbucks.

Formulate a plan (your grocery shopping list) and attack your daily-nutritional habits on purpose. If you’re not doing this already, I guarantee it can be one of the most empowering habits you can implement. If you are doing this, please weigh in and leave a comment below. Let us know how getting a handle on things has impacted your life.

Dinner is another ball of yarn that includes greater opportunities to be creative, to cook, and to enjoy fellowship of family and friends. We’ll talk more about that later.

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