Fate Update: Is the Government Shutdown a FEMA Drill?

fema drill

I receive a small social security check monthly, on the first of each month, by direct deposit.  It has NEVER been late.  It normally comes through about 3:15 a.m.  Today it is late for the first and only time and my bank assures me that it is just a “technical glitch” and that the money will be in there by noon.  At the same time, my online banking is out of commission.  This has NEVER happened during business hours.  They ALWAYS do “scheduled maintenance” (as is the alleged reason for the lack of access) from about 1 a.m. to 4 a.m. Also, text banking is not responding.  All of this seems a little odd to me to “coincide” with a “Government Shutdown”.

This is my guess as to what is happening:

1)  There is NOT a banking crisis.  (Otherwise the money would not be in there in hours, it would be more like days, weeks or months late.)

2)  This is NOT caused by the “Government Shutdown”.  (As social security recipients are the bread-and-butter of representative’s constituents base and they would never allow a government stoppage to effect such a vital relationship, although today’s event is related to the “Government Shutdown”.)

3)  This is a secretive FEMA drill, simulating a simultaneous government & banking shutdown, probably due to a future anticipated power-grid failure resulting from a solar flare or false-flag “electromagnetic pulse” terrorist attack.

This means that today’s “Government Shutdown” was completely contrived and had nothing whatsoever to do with congressional gridlock over health reform, rather it is a secretive coordinated emergency preparedness drill to see how the “System” and the “poor” cope with a mild delay in access to their money and government services.  So far, I am not doing a sit-in in front of my bank!  I suppose such drills are good and necessary.  Unfortunately, the government has such a fear of the people they allegedly represent, that they keep such drills secretive rather than informing us, as is normally the practice with standard emergency preparedness exercises.

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As my previous article regarding the potential gravitational global devastation brought on by the approach of the estimated seven times larger than earth “Planet X” into the inner solar system within the next one to four years points out, these drills and oddities may become more frequent as that time approaches, mingled too with real and staged disasters on an ever-increasing scale to test the functionality and resolve of both the American public and the infrastructure that supports us all.

Brother Bart-


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