The Enemy is the National Security State

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(The Real Agenda News) Enemies of humanity? There are many. The IMF, the World Bank, the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the World Trade Organization. These and any other political structures, elected or unelected, who threaten national interests are all enemies of humanity.

Donald Trump was right when he said the European Union is the enemy, but there are more dangerous enemies.

The National Security State (NSS), governed by the intelligence community and its black operators are the greatest of all threats to humanity and President Trump knows it. That is why he doesn’t trust the intelligence community, whose only job is to create enemies to justify unjustifiable wars, impealism and military aggression.

The NSS, as Trump pointed out, doesn’t seem to recognize that Russia and the US are the two most powerful nuclear powers in the planet, and that any high level of hostility based on false premises would mean the end of humanity and the planet as we know them.

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, did not have to contradict Putin because there is no proof that Russia influenced the result of the 2016 election. Today, Trump cannot trust neither Putin nor the intelligence community, which as explained before, is in the business of creating artificial threats to carry out illegal wars.

There was no final communication or clear commitments for the future, no discussion of divergences or analysis or reference to the causes for which bilateral relations have deteriorated, but Trump was clear in his statement as to why bilaterial relations are deteriorated: The intelligence community and the cowardice and complicity of politicians that came before Trump, many of whom still occupy public office today, turned diplomatic relations sour.

Both Trump and Putin evaluated their meeting as positive as a first step in the normalization of a new diplomatic process. They launched some ideas of cooperation, partly repeated, and agreed to help Israel maintain its security and to cooperate and maintain communications related to the Syrian conflict.

The unknowns about the future remain the same; at least publicly.

In his press conference at the presidential palace in Helsinki, Trump did not issue any calls on the Crimean issue.

 Meanwhile, Putin stated: “Trump talks about the illegality of the incorporation of Crimea to Russia. We have another point of view. There was a referendum in agreement with the UN. It’s a closed question,” he said; and he is right on this.

Referring to the deterioration of relations, Trump said that the two countries are responsible for this and that the presidential summit should have taken place much earlier, because both States have many things to do together, including preventing nuclear proliferation. On this point, mainstream media was quick to call on impeachment proceedings against the US president. Former intelligence spooks and talking heads on CNN, for example, remained short of calling him a traitor.

On several occasions, the US leader referred to the issue of nuclear weapons and repeated that Russia and the USA own 90% of the nuclear arsenals existing in the world and that this is a powerful reason for the dialogue between the two countries. meeting in the future,” he said.

The US president was clear about American security services’s conclusion that Russia was involved in tilting the 2016 election in his favor. Putin “has denied such interference” in the elections that gave him the victory over Hillary Clinton in November 2016.

Trump described as “disaster” the investigation carried out by the prosecutor Robert Mueller on that interference. Moreover, he complained that the investigation had negative consequences on the relations of the two first nuclear powers in the world. “We made an extraordinary campaign and that is the reason why I am president,” he said.

Putin gave him a hand. “I have had to repeat what I have already said several times: the Russian Government has never interfered or intends to interfere in the internal affairs of the United States, including the electoral process,” he said, describing the idea as “absurd”.

Referring to the possible existence of compromising material against Trump in Moscow, Putin exclaimed: “Get rid of that nonsense.”

On the eve of the Helsinki summit, 12 Russian security services agents were accused of hacking the computers of the Democratic Party. No proof of that has been shown, though.

Putin went further and proposed to Trump that, in the framework of a cooperation agreement between Russian and American secret services dating from 1999, make a request for those involved to be questioned in Russia in the presence of US attorneys.

It is laughable that US mainstream media demands condemnation of alleged Russian interference when the US has a verfiable history of involvement in the affairs of other countries.

Putin made several proposals for cooperation, for example in the regulation of the energy, oil and shale gas markets.

“We could work constructively to regulate international markets, because we are not interested in an extreme price drop,” he said. He also wanted to reassure Trump, who had been concerned about the cessation of transit of Russian gas by Ukraine.

“I have assured the president that Russia is willing to maintain this transit,” he said.

“We are willing to prolong the transit contract that expires next year if the dispute between the commercial parties is regulated by the Stockholm Arbitration Court,” he said.

The two consortiums involved, Gazprom and Naftogaz, have been litigating for years before the Swedish court on issues such as transit prices.

Trump did not repeat at the press conference his arguments against the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which will go into operation in 2019 and increase the transit of Russian gas directly to Germany by the Baltic fund, but said that Putin is “a good competitor” and assured that “they would compete in the energy business.

Previously, Trump had criticized German Chancellor Angela Merkel for increasing her dependence on Russian fuels.

Putin acknowledged that he wanted Trump to be president of the United States because it would help the “normalization” of Russian-American relations, but when talking about trust he was more skeptical. “You can not trust anyone”.

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