England’s Sacrificial Chess Move – Brexit (VIDEO)

England’s Sacrificial Chess Move – Brexit (VIDEO) | Queen-Sacrifice-659x370-300x168 | Collapse Conspiracy Corner Globalism Multimedia New World Order Sleuth Journal World News

In chess, one of the cleverest moves of all time, is to sacrifice your most powerful piece, the Queen, in order to win the game. The same is true today of the Queen of England backing the “Brexit”, that is, initiating England leaving the European Union.

I always wondered why England was the only country who joined EU who did not accept the “Euro” currency, as to me, this was the main point of the union in the first place, to have a unified currency. It was as if, in holding on to their own currency, the British Pound, England married the European Union with a foreboding prenuptial agreement, keeping the backdoor open for a predicted future divorce . . . and here it is . . . just as anticipated!

The fact is, Global Powers are dead-set on a “One-World Government”. This goal has been going on from ancient Babylon, to domineering Rome, to the Global British Empire, all the way to the allegedly “newly” inspired “New World Order”, which five United States presidents have been talking about ushering in for the last thirty-five years.

If you have ever played chess, then you know it to be a very slow and methodical game, the master’s of which think numerous moves in advance, in this case, years and decades. In such a complicated and highly intellectual game as this, one of the most intriguing, clever, and unpredictable moves is to trick your opponent, in this case the common citizen (vs. the Queen of England a.k.a. New World Order), into thinking they are winning by giving them an advantage, only to turn your temporary “loss” into a golden opportunity to get close enough to your opponent (the common citizen) to then fatally slit their throat. The same is true of the Queen of England supporting the disillusionment of the European Union in order to later, and even better, solidify a One-World Government and Currency.

It has been said by numerous wise sages that the Global Elite gain further grips on world power by “Creating order out of Chaos”, that is to say, if they cause a war (chaos), for instance, then it is through the war which they caused that they can justify martial law and restrictions on freedoms (order) which compete with their authority, thus gaining more control than they had previously, by cleverly becoming the “hero” firefighter of their own arson. (911 for example.) As the next “crisis” to occur to consolidate world power is inevitably a global economic collapse, there must still be a “fall-guy” to blame for this occurring, even though the world powers themselves will be the ones to have cause it, in order to grab more “emergency” power.

Will they blame the Chinese? . . . The Russians? . . . The North Koreans? . . . I have a better one for them to blame . . . You!

When Scotland wanted to leave the control of the Queen of England and become their own independent country in 2014, the Queen was dead-set against it. Yet when England wants to be independent herself, she is for it? I see a clever chess Queen-sacrifice here.

Let’s say the “Brexit” vote passes, after all, the Queen was against Scottish independence and it failed, and the Queen is for England’s (alleged) independence from the European Union. What if then an “economic crisis” is allegedly “triggered” by England leaving the European Union? (Though the economic collapse will actually be meticulously contrived and instigated at that very hour in order to take the blame for it.) Who then is actually to blame for the global economic collapse that the “Brexit” allegedly caused as the first cascading domino? . . . You! . . . You, the common citizen, for having the audacity for desiring independence and self-(local)-rule rather than global consolidation and authoritarian rule from above from strangers thousands of miles away!

Doesn’t it seem odd to you that total strangers thousands of miles away in a place called “The District of Columbia” tell the people in San Antonio, Sacramento, Cleveland, Miami, Phoenix, Denver, and Atlanta how to live their daily lives? The same is true of the European Union headquarters in “Brussels” Belgium telling the people in Paris, London, Stockholm, and Madrid how to live their daily lives.

Just as “Trickle Down Economics” can work just as well, if not better, in reverse by giving money to the common citizen rather than the rich, who will then go out and spend it, buying from the rich’s stores, thus benefiting the rich just the same, governments of the people can just as well operate from the bottom up, rather than from the top down, after all, who better knows the needs of the residents of Sacramento, the local major of Sacramento, or a president from another city thousands of miles away who has never even been there?

What if the chain of command and of higher authority was Mayor first, then Governor, then President, rather than the other way around? Wouldn’t this make the average citizen happier and more likely to get involved in local community development? Would the world end if governments were run this way, or would the countries therein become happier places to live?

Without putting it into so plain of terms and specific governmental theology as I have just now suggested and recommend, this is eventually the growing awaking of citizens around the world against strangers from thousands of miles away running their local communities and having the supreme authority over their daily lives. This is the exact opposite of a democracy! It is a dictatorship!

It is because of this growing public realization that the masses must be put in their place by the Power Elite by tricking them with a “Queen’s Sacrifice”; temporarily allowing them their “independence”, intentionally triggering an economic collapse thereafter, blaming it on the lack of centralized world power, and then coming in with the kill-shot afterwards of even more global control of the masses to clean up the very mess which they created, thereby “proving” to the citizen that their independence causes catastrophes, when it was really the Global Elite who caused the catastrophe in the first place for the very purpose of consolidating their worldwide power.

I will discuss this, and much more, in this week’s episode of “Conspiracy Corner News”.

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