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Boris Johnson warns about European Super State whose end, he says, will be tragic. 

(The Real Agenda News) The former mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has sparked a controversy in the UK by comparing the European Union and the Community institutions to an attempt to dominate the continent; a dream that began back in the early 20th century with German dictator similar Adolf Hitler.

The conservative politician, who has emerged as a leader in the campaign for leaving the EU and for pushing for the referendum on June 23, argued in an interview with The Sunday Telegraph that the past 2,000 years of European history were characterized by attempts to recover the “golden age” of the Roman Empire with a single government.

“Napoleon, Hitler and others have tried, and ends tragically. The European Union is an attempt to do that with different methods,” said Johnson, seen in the UK as one of the candidates to succeed Prime Minister David Cameron, head of the Conservative Party.

“What is missing, basically, is the eternal problem, that there is no underlying idea of paying loyalty to a European State. There is no single authority that people respect or understand. That is what is causing this huge democratic gap,” he said.

Labour’s Yvette Cooper, part of the campaign for staying in the EU, accused the political “tory” of “playing dirty” with these statements.

“The more he pokes with these hysterical claims, the further he exposes his shameful lack of judgment, his willingness to apply the most divisive and cynical politics, and the emptiness of his arguments,” Cooper said.

The controversy coincides with an interview in the newspaper The Mail on Sunday in which the leader of the UK Independence Party, Nigel Farage, expressed his admiration for Johnson and said he would like to work with him.

“I love Boris, respect him, admire him. I’ m a fan of Boris. Could I work with him? Yes. Could I envisage a scenario in which he was prime minister and asked me to do something? Do not rule it out,” said the leader of the populist formation, which in the last general election, in 2015, totaled nearly four million votes.

Farage also said that Johnson can be a strong candidate to lead the Conservative Party despite being a “joker” and of being compared with  former US President Ronald Reagan.

A poll published in The Independent suggests that the British rely more on the opinion of the former mayor of London regarding European issues than on Cameron. A total of 45% trust Johnson tells the truth about Europe, while only 21% more trust in the prime minister.

With just over a month until the June referendum, polls continue to predict a tight result.

A study by ICM published on May 8 points out that 46% are in favor of breaking ties with Brussels and 44% in favor of keeping them, while another study carried out by YouGov, that was published on May 6 indicates that 42% are commitment to staying and 40% are in favor of leaving the bloc.

In addition to political drawbacks, the European Super State has seen strong opposition to commercial treaties and trade agreements as concerns erupt regarding the adoption of the TTIP, the creation of a European Police Force and the merger of European intelligence agencies into one single surveillance entity.

Those who see the creation of an all mighty European State fear for the end of their constitutional and civil rights as they have been taken away in places like France and Belgium, where authorities have used fear of terrorism as a tool to impose draconian Police State measures that they do not intend to lift in the near future.

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