Fabricated Russian Hacking Claim Getting Surreal

Fabricated Russian Hacking Claim Getting Surreal | hacker1 | Propaganda World News

Repeat after me. No Russian hacking occurred. Neither Russia or any other foreign or internal source interfered in America’s election. No evidence proves it. None exists.

Claims otherwise are Big Lies. Information supplied WikiLeaks was internally leaked by one of more Democrat party insiders angry over her nomination theft, not gotten by cyberattacks.

Pro-Hillary dark forces concocted the phony hacking claim, complicit with Washington’s intelligence community.

The aim is to delegitimize Trump’s election and maintain adversarial relations with Russia – risking eventual confrontation between the world’s dominant nuclear powers, madness if ever happens.

The fake news Russian hacking story has legs, media scoundrels pushing it relentlessly. So are congressional Democrats.

Their so-called Protecting our Democracy Act calls for creating a 9/11-type 12-member independent commission to call witnesses, depose them, obtain documents, issue subpoenas and examine (nonexistent) attempts by Russia and any other nations or entities to influence last November’s election.

You can’t make this stuff up. Despite no evidence of US election hacking, pro-Hillary dark horses keep pursuing the phony claim relentlessly. The goal blaming Russia for what never happened repeatedly, whitewashing hard truths about internally leaked information.

The scheme is a Democrat party initiative only. So far, no Republicans back it. GOP leadership opposes it. With control of both houses, they’ll decide what happens going forward.

Before and after last November’s election, Trump was relentlessly vilified. If the commission idea dies, expect other disreputable schemes to follow, hounding him without letup.

On Monday, bipartisan neocons said they’ll introduce legislation to impose undefined “comprehensive” sanctions on Russia for its nonexistent election hacking.

If passed by both houses after January 20, it remains to be seen if Trump will veto the measure in the interest of improving bilateral ties and world peace.

It would be his first big test straightaway in office, revealing his political mettle.

It’ll show if he wants cooperative or adversarial relations with Putin. It’ll set the tone for his geopolitical agenda going forward – for good or ill.

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    • Magik

      There will come a time when Trump must take a stand against the Neocons in his party and the war mongering jackals in the Democratic party . The sooner the better . The globalist tools must be driven out of our government for us to survive . We stand with you Mr. President . Do what needs to be done .