Facebook’s Zuckerberg Quotes Lincoln, Quietly Declares War On America! (VIDEO)

Facebook's Zuckerberg Quotes Lincoln, Quietly Declares War On America! (VIDEO) | zuckerberg-civil-war | Agenda 21 Globalism Government Government Control Losing Rights Multimedia New World Order Sleuth Journal Society United Nations

For several years now I’ve been tracking the increasingly bold actions and statements being put out by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and warning Americans of a pattern (of actions) that looked mighty suspicious to me. Well, here we are past February of 2017 and everything I’ve been suspecting about Zuckerberg is all coming to pass. In fact, it’s much worse than I thought.

Most Americans and people across the world forget that it wasn’t very long ago when Facebook didn’t even exist. Founded in 2004, back then no one had ever heard of Mark Zuckerberg. So given the developments of today we have to wonder who exactly is he, what country is he loyal to and who has assured him that he is above the rule of law. The reason I pose these questions is because Zuckerberg doesn’t seem loyal to any country. Or is he? This seemingly stateless young man is unique in that he exists to push for the ruling elite’s one world government. So apparently he DOES have a loyalty to a country. The one world so called new world order country.

That’s right. For anyone who wants to solve the Mark Zuckerberg conundrum, don’t kill yourself trying to figure this out. Instead, think of the globalist new world order plans as a separate nation run by civilians (think Obama’s private civilian “army”). This global “country” run by corrupt technocrats, banksters and bureaucrats as a whole thinks they have figured out a way to fool the planet into buying into their lies and eventually submitting to their unchallenged eternal global power.

The biggest threat to their plan is anyone who believes in freedom of the individual and anyone who believes in responsible small government or simply anyone who believes in the identity of their own country especially America. If you do believe in this know that Zuckerberg calls this “global isolationism“. In this shocking video (below) I demonstrate how Zuckerberg is now speaking and acting like a man ushering in an era of civil war against nation states, particularly America. He boldly pronounces America to be a thing of the past and in the way of the rising new world order.

WARNING: Facebook’s Zuckerberg Declares War On America!

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Bernie Suarez is a revolutionary writer with a background in medicine, psychology, and information technology. He is the author of The Art of Overcoming the New World Order and has written numerous articles over the years about freedom, government corruption and conspiracies, and solutions. A former host of the 9/11 Freefall radio show, Bernie is also the creator of the Truth and Art TV project where he shares articles and videos about issues that raise our consciousness and offer solutions to our current problems. His efforts are designed to encourage others to joyfully stand for truth, to expose government tactics of propaganda, fear and deception, and to address the psychology of dealing with the rising new world order. He is also a former U.S. Marine who believes it is our duty to stand for and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. A peace activist, he believes information and awareness is the first step toward being free from enslavement from the globalist control system which now threatens humanity. He believes love conquers all fear and it is up to each and every one of us to manifest the solutions and the change that you want to see in this world, because doing this is the very thing that will ensure victory and restoration of the human race from the rising global enslavement system, and will offer hope to future generations.

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