The REAL Purpose of the Orion Mission (VIDEO)

The REAL Purpose of the Orion Mission (VIDEO) | Orion-340x300 | Conspiracy Corner Science & Technology Sleuth Journal

From NASA:

“The December flight test sent Orion 3,6000 miles from Earth on a two-orbit flight intended to ensure the spacecraft’s critical systems (including the crew) are ready for the challenges of deep space missions.

Did anyone notice that the destination of the Orion mission was an altitude of 3,600 miles?  Why was this location so important to NASA?  What was there of significance at the 3,600 mile destination? The answer: The Van Allen Radiation Belts! (The radiation belts are a 25,000 mile thick dangerous radiation field which surrounds the Earth beginning at an altitude of 1000 miles . . . All manned spaces missions have been well below this extreme radiation, orbiting at an average height of only about 250 miles above the Earth, all except the “missions to the moon” of the Nixon administration.)

Though NASA is not directly telling the public of the supreme significance of the Orion mission’s 3,600 mile destination, the stated purpose of the mission was to “test the instruments”.  Why was it so important to “test the instruments” inside of the radiation belts?  To see if humans can survive transversing them . . . for the very first time! This was the sole purpose of the Orion mission! This radiation is the “challenge” to overcome of which NASA speaks! What relevant “instruments” just happen to be onboard the Orion spacecraft? Several Geiger Counters to measure the radiation levels inside of the radiation belts! Didn’t NASA already have these measurements decades ago from the “Apollo” moon missions, if indeed men actually went through the radiation belts 18 times ?

In 1998, the space shuttle astronauts flew to their highest altitude ever, 365 miles, some 635 miles away from the radiation belts. Even at this great distance from the belts, the radiation was so intense that the shuttle crew could see the radiation with their eyes closed as  “FIREWORKS”.  At that time CNN reported “The radiation belts surrounding Earth are more dangerous than previously believed.”  What does “previously believed” mean?  What was the “previous belief ?” . . . that the radiation belts were harmless, because the Apollo “moon” crews, supposedly, went through the 25,000 mile thick radiation belts 18 times, allegedly, to the moon and back, without dying, developing cancer, or suffering ANY ill consequences whatsoever, not even the faintest traces of radiation sickness a single time!  In fact, the Apollo crews never even reported the phenomenon of seeing the radiation with their eyes closed as “Fireworks” as this space shuttle crew did from the great distance of 635 miles away from the radiation, even though they were supposed to have been in the middle of the radiation belts 18 times to the moon and back for nearly two dozen hours!

The question is, if the Apollo astronauts were really inside the middle of the radiation belts 18 times in the 1960’s and early ’70’s, how is it that a space shuttle crew in 1998, some 635 miles away from the radiation, discovered more about the radiation than they did?  (The shuttle crew reported the radiation as “More dangerous than previously believed”.)  This can only mean that the Apollo “moon” crews never left low earth orbit of about 250 miles and that their missions were a lie. That is why the radiation belts surrounding Earth were of supreme importance to, and the destination of, the Orion mission, yet NASA is afraid to tell anyone of the mission’s true objective, because it brings to light the lie of the Apollo “moon landings”.  (“Apollo” – Greek – Means: “Deceiver”)

Yes, NASA did “test their instruments” (Geiger Counters) during the Orion mission . . . in the radiation belts . . . to see if humans can survive traveling through them . . . for the very first time.

Apparently today’s new generation of NASA engineers, some in their twenty’s, have stumbled upon this significant NASA contradiction. Though they were probably led into the space exploration field by the motivation of the seemingly glorious inaugural moon mission of the 1960’s, the fact that such a feat cannot be duplicated even today with five decades more advanced technology, and that aside from theses alleged moon missions of the Nixon administration no one has ever gone more than 400 miles away from the earth in the nearly fifty years since then, these unfavorable truths are apparently slowly, yet surely, boiling to the surface of their disgruntled reality soup.

Kelly Smith, one of these twentyish engineers, was selected as the official Orion mission’s spokesperson in the following NASA video press release. Notice that at :43 seconds into the film, Smith confirms that the radiation belts are made up of “Extreme Radiation”. At time 3:06 he again refers to the belts as “Dangerous Radiation”. Finally at time 3:36, for the third time, Smith plainly states, “We must solves these (radiation) challenges before we send people through this region of space.”

You can view this short NASA film at the End of this Article.

The question is, if the solution to the dangerous radiation belt problem has yet to be invented (“We must solves these challenges before we send people through this region of space.”), then how is it that the “Apollo” crews during their alleged “moon missions” went through this dangerous and extreme radiation nearly fifty years ago when the necessary equipment to survive doing so has yet to be invented ? (“We must solves these challenges before we send people through this region of space.”)

Did Kelly Smith reveal this contradiction accidentally or intentionally ?

When I asked NASA’s press office to interview Kelly Smith about this matter, they refused to grant him permission to talk with me. When I emailed a list of mostly harmless questions about the Orion mission, NASA politely answered all of them. When I submitted a more difficult inquiry about Kelly Smith’s three statements about the dangerous radiation of the Van Allen Belts and how the radiation problem must be solved before NASA sends astronauts through them, NASA refused to reply to these questions, as if I had never asked them. When I asked for the readings of the Orion spacecraft’s on board Geiger Counters in REM, NASA said that such information was a secret and that I would have to file a “Freedom of Information Act” request to attain the measurements, which I have since done and am awaiting their reply. When I asked why such information about the radiation belts strength in REM is a secret, NASA refused to answer and then terminated all further communication with me.  (Just 1 REM per hour is five times a lethal dose, and as you will read below, the Radiation Belts contain up to 100 REM per hour.)

Another leading scientist at the time, James Van Allen, the discoverer of the radiation belts who so humbly named them after himself, originally said that the lethal radiation belts previously spoken of in this article, through which the “Apollo” crews would have been the only astronauts in history to have ever traversed in order to leave the safety of Earth orbit and reach the moon, if indeed their missions were real, would be “10-100 times more deadly than a lethal dose”! Under pressure from NASA, he dramatically recanted his original findings in order to make it appear as if the moon landings were possible. Don’t believe me? Below is the link to his original published findings in the respected national journal “Scientific American”, in which he plainly spoke about the radiation belts beyond earth orbit being an obstacle for practical space travel to the moon and beyond, just as Kelly Smith of the Orion mission did.

Van Allen himself plainly said in an article published in 1959 in “Scientific American” magazine after NASA sent probes with Geiger counters into the radiation belts:

Our measurements show that the maximum radiation level as of 1958 is equivalent to between 10 and 100 REM per hour, depending on the still undetermined proportion of protons to electrons. Since a human being exposed for two days to even 10 REM would have only an even chance of survival, the radiation belts obviously present an obstacle to space flight.”

As various nations and private enterprises finally, after nearly fifty years, have the capability to send microwave oven sized probes to the moon (still no men), NASA has quickly drafted regulations to keep their alleged manned landing sites of the Nixon administration completely off-limits. They have said that any flyovers of the coordinates, or ground incursions thereof, into these areas by probes, to prove or disprove their authenticity, are strictly forbidden. (Since when does the US government own the moon?) You would think that they would gladly welcome independent proof (which there has never been) that their outrageous scientific claims of 1960’s technology were real (even though the feat cannot be repeated today), especially in the face of growing universal doubt, yet the exact opposite proves to be the case. (It is like a murderer who boasts of his innocence refusing to give a DNA sample, when DNA evidence was left at the crime scene.)

China, a trillion dollar trading partner of the United States, recently sent a probe to the moon. As all of the moon is uniformly desolate and one landing site is just about as good as any other, I would think that the perfect and most logical place to land would be that of the United State’s alleged first manned mission, to prove to the world that their probe was really on the moon. Yet if the Apollo 11 artifacts are not there themselves, this might be biting the trillion dollar hand that feeds you. Subsequently, China steered clear of any supposed NASA manned landing sites for any of their lunar probes.

Astrobotic Technology, a private firm, had planned to land a probe precisely at the claimed Apollo 11 landing site, as they too saw this as the most logical choice, yet because of pressure from NASA not to do so, and subsequently embarrass the organization and nation for not really having landed on the moon in the 1960’s, the president of the company, John Thornton, caved in and agreed not to land there as originally planned, even though the moon is owned by no one and he was “free” to do so. (Is it freedom when scientific exploration is completely altered because of political pressure from a government agency?)

When NASA sent publicly funded probes and spacecraft to measure the temperature of the sun and the amount of hydrogen in Jupiter’s atmosphere, this information was readily available to scientists and to the public, after all, why would a measurement of a part of nature be a secret? Likewise, the amount radiation in REM in the Van Allen Radiation Belts which surround the earth is simply a part of nature and, as such, there is no reason whatsoever why such elementary measurements of nature should be a government secret . . . unless disclosing such measurements would reveal the impossibility of the “Apollo” crews having gone through them and surviving with decades older technology, seeing how NASA just acknowledged, accidentally or otherwise, that such protection from this “Dangerous” and “Extreme” radiation has yet to be invented by the space agency and “must” be invented “before we send people through this region of space.”

Quite interesting, yes ?

 Watch NASA’s Amazing Admission Below

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