FBI Continues Suppressing Hillary’s Crimes

FBI Continues Suppressing Hillary’s Crimes | clinton-get-out-of-jail-free-card | Government Government Corruption

Hillary’s longstanding criminal record since the 1990s would be more than enough to imprison ordinary people longterm – likely for life without parole or capital punishment for her involvement in mass murder.

Extraordinary lengths are made to keep indictable evidence from being revealed – the Justice Department and its FBI investigative agency complicit for failing to do their jobs.

Last Friday afternoon, at the start of America’s three-day Labor Day holiday weekend, with no fanfare and too little media attention, an FBI press release said it “releas(ed) a summary of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s July 2, 2016 interview with the FBI concerning allegations that classified information was improperly stored or transmitted on a personal e-mail server she used during her tenure.”

The material was too heavily redacted to be useful, indictable evidence withheld from public view. The FBI failed to demand she be held accountable. The Justice Department refuses to indict her.

Forty-seven pages of material were released, the FBI calling its document a summary of its investigation. Whitewash is a more appropriate way to describe it.

Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Charles Grassley (R. IO) called the agency’s release “an incomplete and possibly misleading picture of the facts without the other unclassified information…still locked away from the public and even most congressional staff.” The public has the right to know what’s being kept suppressed, Grassley stressing “transparency is in order.”

The agency’s report showed 81 email exchanges contained classified information. Hillary lied to Congress claiming her home server used for official State Department business contained no classified material. She committed perjury, yet remains unaccountable for this crime.

It’s more than likely, maybe certain, that her email accounts and mobile devices were hacked, given their vulnerability. Yet the FBI claimed no evidence  indicated cyber compromise. Was the agency honest in its assessment or protecting Hillary?

From what’s publicly known about her email scandal, clear evidence of wrongdoing, the agency failed to do its job by not demanding she be held accountable.

She lied to the FBI, Congress, the public and media. She committed numerous other high crimes, dating from when she was me-first lady.

She belongs in prison, not high office. She’s likely to become America’s next president and commander-in-chief of its military with her finger on the nuclear trigger.

Humanity trembles at the prospect!

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