Founders Declared Independence Over Same Abuses Modern America Faces (VIDEO)

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When faced with a long train of abuses, one should not stay tethered to the abuser.

The Second Continental Congress tapped Thomas Jefferson to pen the Declaration of Independence after a “long train of abuses” that would ring familiar to modern Americans, where they to take the time to read the antiquated language and realized our notion of living in a free country is illusory.

From Truthstream Media’s July 6, 2013 broadcast: Independence Day is an annual reminder of this once free nation. Aaron and Melissa recall the “long train of abuses” listed by the founding fathers as their justification for withdrawing from the King’s rule, and show a striking similarity to the many abuses we face in modern day. From our stripped Bill of Rights, to the police state that eats substance from the people, to complicity in economic and environmental crimes and the support for authorities and laws outside U.S. jurisdiction, those who control the levers of power have turned against us.

Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton
Truthstream Media

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