Four In Five Americans Say Nation Heading In Wrong Direction

Four In Five Americans Say Nation Heading In Wrong Direction | wrong-way | Politics

Eight years ago, Obama promised hope and change. Betrayal and dirtier business than under George Bush followed.

All politicians lie. Judge them solely by their actions. They serve wealth, power and privilege exclusively. Popular needs increasingly go begging.

Each wing of America’s duopoly party mimics the other – in lockstep on issues mattering most. No wonder most Americans distrust politicians.

What’s to like – Bernie Sanders’ sellout to war criminal/racketeer Hillary Clinton the latest outrage. The guy millions trusted is as dirty and rotten a scoundrel as all the rest. His lofty rhetoric turned out to be Big Lies substituting for honor and principle.

According to an AP/GfK poll, “(a) stunning 79% of (respondents surveyed) now believe the country is heading in the wrong direction…voters…strikingly unhappy with” both major party candidates.

Neither can be trusted to end imperial wars, protracted Main Street Depression conditions, unemployment affecting nearly one-fourth of working age Americans, millions more underemployed, nor neoliberal harshness when economic stimulus is needed.

Killer cops will stay unaccountable. Fear-mongering about nonexistent terrorist threats will be reinforced by state-sponsored false flags – most recently in Orlando and Nice.

All of the above and other abuses wear on most people, while rich ones get richer than ever at the expense of most others struggling to get by – millions not making it.

One respondent likely expressed views held by most others, saying he’s “disappointed” with having to choose between Trump and Clinton.

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