Four Years Later Alex Jones Still Confused By Sandy Hook (VIDEO)

Four Years Later Alex Jones Still Confused By Sandy Hook (VIDEO) | Four-Years-Later-Alex-Jones-Still-Confused-By-Sandy-Hook-1024x577 | False Flags Gun Control Multimedia Sleuth Journal Special Interests US News
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Major media and certain figures in the Sandy Hook fundraising and gun control cavalcade have recently highlighted prominent radio host and filmmaker Alex Jones as a brash and indecisive observer of the Newtown school shooting event. A central reason for the attention of late is the fact that Jones has vigorously supported the Trump-Pence presidential campaign, with the president-elect responding in kind. Fortunately, Jones has issued one of his characteristically unambiguous video editorials to set the record straight.

As some observers will recall our “tip of the spear” alt-media broadcaster issued a very similar statement in January 2013.

Jones seems to have been given the unenviable task of convincing his audience to disbelieve or at least withhold judgement on what they’re already certain they’ve detected. This is illustrated in the classic Richard Pryor “lying eyes” monologue, where the comic explains to his significant other as she stumbles upon his philandering, “What you’re seeing here baby–you didn’t really see it. This ain’t goin’ on.”

While Jones has consistently claimed an agnostic view of Sandy Hook, we find his stance disingenuous and self-serving. Very early on in the controversy one may recall how Jones played a hostile gun rights advocate alongside CNN’s Piers Morgan on national television. This performance must be contrasted with his subsequent aversion to closer examination of the event itself.

Other alternative figures and outlets, including videographers such as Independent Media Solidarity and “Barry Soetoro,” and personalities like Wolfgang Halbig, Dr. EowynJim Fetzer and Jeff Rense, have been at the forefront of producing and disseminating some of the most compelling research on Sandy Hook.

Despite their relentless work on what remains a highly suspicious event that remains largely unexamined by truly competent and reliable authorities, Jones has chosen to sit on the sidelines. Despite his vast resources he has largely ignored such efforts and made at best marginal efforts to truly examine an incident that overall lies at the heart of a well-financed gun control movement he claims to so vehemently abhor.

Four Years Later Alex Jones Still Confused By Sandy Hook (VIDEO) | infowars-not-found | False Flags Gun Control Multimedia Sleuth Journal Special Interests US News

We must point out that Infowars writers break some important stories, and this author once even defended Jones when colleagues at Project Censored targeted him with a tawdry hit piece. Yet from collaborating with Google to suppress news on’s blacklisting of Fetzer’s Nobody Died at Sandy Hook to downplaying bogus copyright infringement claims targeting his very enterprise, one might conclude that Jones has heretofore functioned as a key gatekeeper Alex Jones’ “Final Statement on Sandy Hook” the entire Sandy Hook affair.

Perhaps Jones knows something the broader public doesn’t about a pending investigation under the new administration, which would of course be appropriate and welcome. For the interim, the present attempt to ingratiate himself in a movement that he’s repeatedly chosen to eschew should be recognized as exactly that.

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