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Gaining Ground: Organic and ‘Natural’ Grab 13% of All U.S. Grocery Sales

Maybe it’s the high cost of healthcare. Or the fact that organic food just tastes better. But American consumers are increasingly willing to pay a premium price for foods and products that they believe are healthier, environmentally sustainable, and humanely produced.

Organic and “natural” products now constitute over 13% of U.S. grocery purchases. Sales of certified organic products are projected to reach approximately $35 billion in 2013, or 4.5% of total grocery sales. That number amounts to only half the sales of so-called “natural” products – uncertified, and routinely produced with pesticides, chemical fertilizers, animal drugs, GMOs, and sewage sludge – which are expected to exceed $70 billion in 2013.

Unfortunately many, if not most consumers are unclear about the qualitative difference between certified organic and most so-called “natural” products. Given this rampant mislabeling in the marketplace, if so-called “natural” products containing GMOs and synthetic chemicals and residues had to be truthfully labeled, organic sales would likely double within a short period of time. 

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