Gee, Ya’ Think? Officials Now Say Flight 370 Landed

Gee, Ya’ Think? Officials Now Say Flight 370 Landed | flight-460x203 | World News

The story changes yet again as officials now say the plane may have landed, says at least one report.

As we all know, the Flight 370 story has been the center of controversy in the press ever since it was reported missing on Mar. 8, 2014, even overshadowing the Ukrainian conflict for the most part.

However, despite all efforts, throwing a whirlwind of propaganda at the masses and overtly ignoring family member requests, officials and embedded intelligence operatives managed to pull off a massive cover-up of what really happened, which people like us will likely never know.

The bottom line is that eyewitness testimony and confirmed radar data prove that Malaysian Airlines flight 370 was in the vicinity of the Maldives Islands, flying abnormally low, heading south toward Diego Garcia military base on the morning the plane was reported missing.

Moreover, we are now nearly two months into the supposed search for the missing airliner and its 237 occupants, and not one piece of debris has been found. To top it all off, search teams have only focused in the waters off the coast of Australia in a few small swaths of ocean after detecting a few seconds of a ping, according to reports.

Despite evidence showing that flight 370 may have landed at Diego Garcia from a westwardly approach, the mainstream media continues to ignore this information. Now some wonder if a mock-up of flight 370 will be used in a future event, such as a staged terror attack, to usher in a new wave of fear upon the populace.

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