Genetically ‘Edited’ Fruit Could Soon Hit Supermarket Shelves

Genetically 'Edited' Fruit Could Soon Hit Supermarket Shelves | apple-460x284 | GMOs Science & Technology

The technique, involving ‘tweaking’ existing genes rather than adding new ones, is likely to be less controversial then GM.

Genetically ”edited” fruit and vegetables could soon be appearing on supermarket shelves as experts have discovered how to stop apples going brown and give bananas more vitamin A.

It is believed GE (genetic editing) may be more appetising to consumers than traditional GM (genetic modification) and cause less controversy.

It involves subtly ”tweaking” existing genes to increase or reduce amounts of natural ingredients a vegetable or fruit already has.

The technique avoids the insertion of foreign genes that has sparked so much heated debate and criticism, especially in Europe.

Bananas could, for instance, be genetically edited to produce more vitamin A, and apples to avoid browning when cut.

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