Germany Received 42,000 Children Refugees In 2015

Germany Received 42,000 Children Refugees In 2015 | germany-refugee | World News
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The number of children refugees represents an increase of more than 200 percent in  comparison to 2014.

(The Real Agenda News) According to official numbers, from the total of 42,300 children refugees, 91% are male children and teenagers. Of the whole, at least 53 percent have already requested asylum in the country.

German social care services took over the tutelage of all children and teenagers who arrived in the country last year and who were not accompanied by an adult, according to data released today by the Office of Federal Statistics.

Of these 42,300 unaccompanied children who entered the country in 2015, almost 30,700 more than the previous year, only 9 percent were females, which represents about 3,600 were girls.

Thus, in 2015 the number of unaccompanied minors entering German territory that are now under the care of social services “rose significantly,” says the statement.

Of all children and adolescents who arrived in 2015 to Germany without an adult, about 22,300 have already sent an application for asylum, according to the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF).

Social services took care of a total of 77,600 children and adolescents, about 29,600 or 62% more than in 2014.

Other reasons to assume guardianship were, for example, the problems with parents, school problems and addictions. These cases were reduced, by contrast, in 1,100, or 3 percent, compared to 2014.

“Despite decades of immigration, even the most multicultural countries in Europe are struggling with the scale of the current refugee crisis, and the challenge of integrating the newcomers. This crisis, one of Europe’s biggest of the past century, has the potential to alter the political fabric of the continent and undermine the foundation of post-WWII transnational institutions,” says BAMF.

The report focus attention on the fact that although deals such as the one between the EU and Turkey may be helpful in the long run, there are all those refugees who entered Europe before the agreement was signed, who are left out.

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