The Global Warming Agenda Pushed In 3 Stages Over 6 Weeks! (VIDEO)

The Global Warming Agenda Pushed In 3 Stages Over 6 Weeks! (VIDEO) | global-warming-fraud | Global Warming Fraud Multimedia Propaganda US News

The Globalist agenda to control all human activities globally relies on the global warming turned “climate change” movement. In a period of just a few weeks we have now seen three distinct stages/efforts to artificially push the global carbon tax agenda.

First, we were told on Friday September 27th 2013, that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was calling an unscheduled meeting to discuss the results of their temperature analyses which since 1998 is inconsistent with global warming trends claimed by IPCC. Nonetheless they held onto their global warming claims.

Then on Friday November 1st 2013 (video dated Nov 3rd) we saw sudden executive orders passed by the White House to control Climate Change legislation.

Finally, less than a week later we find out the powers that be are now scheduling and promoting a new SHOWTIME TV series to promote the global warming claims.

This is how the globalists spread their propaganda and this is how their agenda for global domination of all human activities works. Try to appreciate how fast the empire is moving on this artificial agenda.

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