Global Warming Is Catholic Religion In Disguise (VIDEO)

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By: Barry Soetoro |

Global warming (climate change) is the catholic religion, thinly disguised. Globalists stole imagery from the Bible to scam you into paying trillions in “climate taxes.”

What is your sin? Breathing. How can you avoid hell on earth? By paying trillions to globalist crooks to “save the environment.” but it’s all a scam. Global warming is a lie. Climategate busted the global warming scam when climate scientists got hacked — caught cooking the books with fake temperature data.

Our climate has been changing since earth was formed — man isn’t causing earth to “heat up.” Co2 (carbon dioxide) is plant food. Without co2, plants cannot grow. Yet globalists claim carbon is “poison.” They’ll say anything to steal more money from you. Man-made climate change is a hoax.

Barry Soetoro



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PLEASE NOTE: I’M NOT BLAMING CATHOLICS OR CHRISTIANS IN GENERAL, FOR GLOBALIST SCHEMES. I correctly observe that “Hell” and the “Garden of Eden” are images featured in Christianity, and in Catholicism. Those are facts. How folks interpret those facts are up to them. My main point is abundantly clear: Images from the Bible, and from Catholicism in particular, have been taken and twisted by Globalists to shake down the world population (via so-called “Climate Taxes”). Globalists chose these images because they are FAMILIAR and USEFUL to Globalists seeking more cash from your wallet. If Globalists showed up announcing “We’re lying and we want your money,” nobody would give money. Thus, Globalists use a twisted version of images stolen from the Bible to influence the population. The images aren’t to blame. The Bible isn’t to blame. Catholics (or Christians in general) aren’t to blame. Climate Change (Global Warming) is a Globalist scheme. They’ll use whatever works to scam you.


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    • wayne

      The ONLY thing constant is change.
      If you were a globalist trillionaire you probably wouldn’t want things to change either!
      Passports teach you that you may not view yourself as a world citizen.
      Bottled water teaches you to expect to pay to quench your thirst and that you do not have any entitlement to monopolized water.
      GMO foods will teach you that corporations own ALL earthly patented food.
      Carbon tax will teach you that breathing is not free nor a gift from the creator, as everyone who ever set foot on planet earth since the beginning of time apparently and erroneously thought it was.
      I predict that next, each and every one of your ancestors will be documented, counted and tax assessed so that you (their progeny) will be held responsible for retroactive taxes levied against them for the food, water and air they consumed while alive, but never ever paid for.
      In biblical times tax collectors were seen as the lowest forms of human life possible. Now fast forward to modern times and it appears that some things DO NOT CHANGE.

    • eddie williams

      Google catholic serpent buidling youtube and witness the true nature of catholicism. The global warming scam is a product of the vatican to bring about the nwo.