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The battle to take back our food and farming system from Monsanto was never going to be easy—or quickly won.

That said, consumer awareness—and consumer demand—is chipping away at Monsanto’s GMO empire.

In this interview with Dr. Joe Mercola, for’s “GMO Awareness Week,” OCA’s Ronnie Cummins outlines some of the ways we are winning, and how OCA plans to keep up the pressure on Big Biotech, including:

  • Providing funding to the U.S. Right to Know organization (USRTK) which, while independent from OCA, has done a masterful job of creating media coverage about the dangers of Roundup residues and pesticides in general.
  • Educating consumers about the fact that GMOs are really just delivery systems for pesticides (i.e., their primary cause for being is to increase pesticide sales), and that the only way to avoid dangerous pesticide residues and GMOs is to buy organic food, both when shopping for your daily groceries and when eating out.
  • Ramping up independent lab testing of nonorganic products claiming to be “all-natural,” “natural,” “eco-friendly,” “free-range,” “grass fed,” and so on. “There’s a huge fraud going on in the marketplace,” Cummins explains.

With glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller, now being detected in the urine of 70-80 percent of Americans and 90 percent of water samples, anyone concerned about their long-term health can’t afford to ignore the potential impact of using poisons to grow our food.

Watch the interview with Ronnie Cummins

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