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Gold. What is it good far? Absolutely nothing, say it again! Gold. What is it good for? This has become the mantra, as pointed out on several occasions by Dave Kranzler, and Taki T.,, of the mainstream media (MSM). The mainstream media, which is a dying dinosaur the same as a hard copy newspaper has been dying off for more than a decade, would have the few remaining “old-schoolers” believe that gold is nothing more than, at best, jewelry and at times reminds people that it is a terrible investment. By using the words “gold” and “investment” in this manner it trains people to see gold, not as money (which it has been for more than 4,000 years), but as just another investment instrument akin to their 401k. If their mind goes to their 401k, which is the goal when the MSM uses language in this manner, the viewer immediately sees how fantastic their stocks and bonds have been performing for the past several years. Can you say stock buy-backs via QE? Sure you can.

When the MSM publishes nonsense like what eFXnews published on June 3 you know the market is saturated with “gold is bad” news.

In a note to clients today, UBS dissected the traditional market view on Gold’s safe haven appeal noticing a big change in the dynamics and correlations constituting this special status of the yellow metal.

“Gold has traditionally been considered a safe haven, an asset that investors turn to in times of uncertainty. Indeed, history has shown that gold is well-positioned to benefit in scenarios when risks are elevated. But the dynamics have clearly shifted over the last several years and gold’s reaction function to risk-off scenarios is no longer the same as it was in previous decades,” notes UBS.

“In many ways, this shouldn’t come as a surprise – the gold market itself has experienced quite a transformation over the past 15 years in the midst of broader changes in the global financial landscape. The degree to which gold responds positively to risk-aversion seems to have declined over the last few years,” UBS argues.

“There are likely many different elements that have contributed to this change in gold’s reaction to uncertainty and elevated levels of risk. Much of it could simply be down to the transformation in the gold market as a whole, as it shifted out of a decade-long bull-run,” UBS adds.

“There is now relatively more gold being held by a larger number of market participants – that those positions have already been put on suggests that there would be less scope for safe-haven buying on the back of fresh catalysts than there was before,” UBS concoludes.

What rubbish!! Any person that visits sites like The Daily Coin, Silver Doctors and SGTReport or any host of other websites that do all they can to educate people about gold, understand this is a propaganda hit piece. By publishing the above information, not as “investment advice” but more importantly to train people away from gold, UBS is merely exposing itself as the criminal, banking cabal that it has become. These “too big to prosecute/jail/fail” banking monsters are all over exposed to the dark waters of derivatives. You never read or hear about UBS “in a note to clients…” regarding their gambling addiction in the derivatives market. If people knew what was happening in this smokey back-room, they would immediately sell all their stocks, bonds and pull every dime out of the banking industry and swap it all for gold and silver. If people knew and understood the purpose of gold and silver, as money and as a true measure of wealth, these criminal banking behemoths would no longer exist due to a lack of capital and a lack of business.

It is one of my goals that everyone that visits this site begins to understand that gold and silver are still part of the economy, still a member of the ongoing global currency trade and most importantly, still play a vital role in backing currencies the world over. While gold and silver play less of role, and certainly are not discussed as such in most of the media (alternative or otherwise) you can hear it in what former Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan said in October of 2014:

Why did Central Banks put money into an asset which has no rate of return, but cost of storage and insurance and everything else like that; why are they doing that? If you look at the data, with very few exceptions, all of the developed countries have gold reserves. Why?” – Alan Greenspan, October 29, 2014

“…intrinsic currencies like gold and silver are acceptable without a third party guarantee”

Gold serves a very important place in monetary reserves…

Those few words spoken in October 2014 are proof positive, from one of the main architects of this current economic and financial nightmare, that gold and silver are very much part of our ongoing global monetary system. Got physical?

Rory Hall has been a daily contributor at for more than two years. He has written several original articles and interviewed some of the top precious metals professionals in the industry, as well as top preparedness specialists in the world. His YouTube Channel, The Daily Coin, was launched in February 2014 and his website was launched April 25, 2014. QUOTE: “As a student of monetary, financial and economic history for the past five years it has taught me to watch the markets with an open mind and a hand on my wallet.”

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