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Did you know that the United States Constitution requires that a majority of congress must be present to pass laws? Sounds like a common-sense, natural, and obvious requirement, right? After all, the congress is supposed to be passing laws for the benefit of the majority of Americans, not a select few, so it only makes sense that a majority of their “representatives”, not a select few, be required to be present to vote for, or against, new laws effecting the lives of every American. Yet, over and over again, this Constitutional Requirement is intentionally broken by those who are supposed to lead us by their exemplarily model of Constitutional Integrity.

In a recent interview given by a member of congress, a federal legislator expressed his astonishment that the “law-givers” are not obeying the very laws they themselves are writing!

“The constitution says the House has to have a ‘quorum’ to do business, in other words to pass bills. A ‘quorum’ is defined in the Constitution as a majority. There are 435 members of Congress, so a majority of 218 members MUST be present to do this (pass laws). Yet, they commonly do it with less than a dozen members on the floor.”

“We had about one or two working days notice that this bill was coming to the floor. What’s really frustrating is when they put bills on the floor and they don’t even give us the text to the bill, they don’t tell us in advance that it is coming to the floor. In fact, last night I was standing on the floor and they passed four bills, that were unannounced, by “unanimous consent” (anonymous ‘voice vote’ of just a few members of congress). One of them was a drug bill and they passed that thing by “unanimous consent” (anonymous ‘voice vote’ of just a few members of congress) as we were all filtering out of the chamber and thought the votes were over.”

“If you did that in city council or in a fiscal court meeting in Kentucky, you would GO TO JAIL . . . You would GO TO JAIL!!! You have to announce an ordinance like THREE WEEKS in advance. You have to do TWO readings. You have to vote on it TWICE. Those protections are put in place FOR THE PEOPLE, and they are GONE here in Congress.”

Representative Thomas Massie, Republican, Kentucky

A similar Billion Dollar foreign aid bill was about to be passed with the same sneaky and law-breaking shenanigans, fortunately for Americans, representative Massie caught the illegal attempt and demanded a “roll-call” vote for the record, otherwise the law would have passed illegally with an anonymous and unrecorded “voice vote” by only 12 of the 435 members of congress! Seeing how the Constitution REQUIRES that laws be passed with at least 218 members of congress voting, this means that any “law” passed in any other manner in the past, is not valid!

These felons who have just used this trickery as a wily attempt to circumvent the law, have inadvertently sealed their own undoing, because by not having a majority of congress present, the law which they thought they just sneakily passed is rendered invalid without a majority present! Constitutional scholars out there can now go backwards in history from last week to right up to the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and beforehand, and see which “laws” are, in reality, not laws at all, because at least 218 members of congress were not present to vote on it!

This disreputable and illegal “law passing” is done regularly by both political parties equally, so do not make the grave error of thinking one political party is better than the other, as this is simply not the case. It is left up to the personal integrity of the individual representative of both parties, at least two thirds of which are corrupt.

How do I know this?

90% of Americans demand to know the full ingredients of the food they swallow, including genetically modified organisms known as “GMO’s”, yet more than two thirds of the congress (with “representatives” from both “parties”) is against such food labeling. How can this be if they truly represent the majority of American citizens rather than the tiny minority of the owners of GMO corporations?

It is impossible.

Simple math proves the blatant fact that congress does not represent average Americans. They represent corporations . . . as it is corporations who do not want their customers to know what is in the food they are putting into their own bodies, otherwise they might not buy their products!

Since when did Truth become so dangerous that it has to be legislated against by more than two thirds of the congress?!


If GMO’s are such a marvelous invention, then corporations would gladly label their products . . . “NOW WITH GMO’s” . . . Instead, they are afraid to tell the public that they secretly use them without the customers knowledge!

Whether you believe in God or evolution, this is millions and billions of years of either an Eternal Creative Genius or eons and eons of painstakingly assembled “natural selection” . . . verses . . . a few years in a laboratory by fallible people (looking for a short turn financial gain) who used to think the world was flat, draining blood from you would cure your illness, and cigarettes improved the health of your throat!

Which of the two is better?

Would you like to know whether or not your “representative” really represents you? Simply look up how they voted on GMO labeling. If they knowingly go against 90% of their own constituents in favor of multibillion dollar corporations . . . The answer is right there! . . . Impeach them!

The reason why so many laws are being passed by only 12 members of the 435 members of congress (3%), and then with a “voice vote” of anonymity rather than a “roll-call” vote for the historical record, is so that you soon won’t even be able to look up how they voted on the laws you told them not to vote for! Your “representatives” can then say they are voting one way, and then actually vote another way in the anonymity of the crowd’s “voice vote”, or simply deliberately not show up to block the laws they claimed they were against with a “no” vote.

“We who teach will be judged more strictly.”

James 3:1

The above scripture, if you believe in a Divine Creator, is His justice for an orderly society, one in which the leaders are held to a higher standard than the average citizen they are supposed to “represent”, not held to a lower standard than the people they govern. Take the Marines, for example. If a Drill Sergeant asks a Private to run five miles and do fifty push-ups, shouldn’t the Drill Sergeant be able to do this, and more, himself ? Of course! In the same way, members of congress, the president, and all officials in every position of government, at every federal, state, and local level, should be held to at least the same standard as the citizens under their governance, plus a little bit more.

For example, if a citizen is allowed 12 points on their driving record each year, what about allowing police officers only 8 points? (Not that they wouldn’t flash their badge if they are pulled over when they are off duty and get out of it, though this could be strictly forbidden by the immediate termination of both parties if caught.)

Leaders are to lead by example, yet they do not, and are not, asked to. In fact, they are allowed to write laws about themselves which exempt them from the same regulations that they mandatorily impose on the rest of us. There are endless rules and regulations for propriety and honorable conduct that the average citizen is held to as their standard, yet for the legislators who make these laws for everyone else, they exempt themselves from the same requirement to obey them. It is called “Diplomatic Immunity” and “Executive Privilege”.

If a member of congress wants to only hire people of their same ethnic group and openly discriminate against all others, they are permitted to do so, though a citizen in their district who did the same thing would be sued, indicted, or thrown in jail. If a citizen wishes to know what a government agency is doing, they can request the information though the “Freedom of Information Act” . . . except for members of congress, the federal courts, and the president, all of whom can legally do everything in secret and destroy the records thereof. If a citizen did the same thing, they would be charged with Felony Contempt of Court or Destroying State’s Evidence.

It is with this arrogance and unbiblical precedence, though the majority of legislators claim to be “Christian”, that they hold the citizen to a higher standard than themselves, contrary to the Bible, and continually break the law, even in the very act of writing the law, by passing history changing legislation with only 12 of 435 members of congress present, when they know this is wrong, as the rest of the congress is unknowingly walking out of the chamber falsely believing the session is over, passing such “laws” only by a “voice vote”, so that there is no record of who these “representatives” are who just broke the law by voting in such a minority!

I will discuss this, and much more, in this week’s episode of Conspiracy Corner News.

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