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As I’ve said before, if the skies were sunny as you left your home for the day, yet you saw your neighbor donning an umbrella, raincoat, and rain boots, would you not consider that they might be privy to information about the future which had not yet reached your ears? In the same way, when the President of the United States signs three documents in a single day (August 12, 2016) having to do with the line of succession of three different government agency heads in the event of their synchronized deaths or resignations, to the eighth place in line for all of these offices, you might suspect that some secretly perceived event in the near future might be coming in which numerous government leaders will, in fact, be dead or resigned, otherwise why would the President be so concerned to write such emergency edicts?

This is not the first time such preparations have been made recently, rather, this might be the last time. Three years ago, on the day Janet Napolitano resigned as “Homeland Security” director, suggesting that the following statement was the reason for her resignation, so that she would not have to deal with this, she said:

“A natural disaster, the likes of which the nation has never seen, is likely on its way.”

A similar warning came from French foreign minister Laurent Fabius just one year after Napolitano’s, in which he said that the world had about “Five Hundred Days” to prepare for “Climate Chaos” . . . That time is NOW. Since then, the President of the United States has issued several Executive Orders, not just these three signed on August 12th, having to do with who would be in line, to the eighth step down, to head various government agencies, should their current secretaries and undersecretaries suddenly and simultaneously die or resign. This should tell you, quite clearly, that the government highly anticipates such a scenario. The question is, what is the disaster for which they are preparing?

While it can be judged by any thermometer that the climate has been getting warmer over the last several years, according to space shuttle engineer and former White House advisor on Solar Weather, this warming has already stopped and has begun a steep reversal. According to solar scientist John L. Casey, the sun has a 206 year cycle in which it becomes less radiant at the end of it, thusly causing global cooling (transversely causing global warming just prior to this), and we have now begun this new Cold cycle. He further explains that while pollution from automobiles and factories do contribute to a certain degree to global warming (and unscrupulous people are capitalizing off of this by selling “Carbon Credits” for profit so that polluting factories can legally pollute more), their size of contribution within the vast Earth, compared to something with more than one million times the volume of the entire Earth (the sun), is hardly worth comparing the two. Casey insists that all of global weather’s domino effects are caused by one simple trigger: the million timers bigger than Earth sun.

Not only does this makes sense, it is equally understandable that with all things in nature, including man and including the sun, there are expanding periods and contracting periods, just like the seasons. In this case though, not only will the coming “Solar Minimum” produce lower global temperatures with their resulting devastating agricultural losses leading to massive famine and civil unrest, for a reason not fully understood, each historical Solar Minimum also triggers colossal global earthquakes and monumental volcanic eruptions, proof of which is that both have recently increased to unprecedented levels. In fact, 205 years ago (right at the 206 year cycle), the United States saw the worst earthquakes in its entire history when the New Madrid fault line, which is, and founded, the Mississippi river, had a series of four 7.0 – 8.0 earthquakes in only seven weeks.

Is this the foreboding which the United States government fears and for which it is readying, or is it something else, like a meteor storm of tens of thousands of unstoppable asteroids? I will discuss these possibilities in this week’s episode of Conspiracy Corner News”.

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(August 12, 2016)

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