Government Prepares to “Quarantine” You (VIDEO)

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Three weeks ago, I reported how the United States Government is issuing numerous Executive Orders regarding the path of succession of various department heads, down to the eighth degree, in the event that persons one through seven are simultaneously killed or resign. Two weeks ago, I wrote about how the German government issued their first decree since World War Two, that citizens should immediately stockpile emergency rations. Last week, I disclosed how the department of “Homeland Security” announced that they are preparing to take over the coming Presidential Election, for reasons of “National Security”, likewise indicating a foreseen, yet undisclosed, coming worldwide emergency. This week, it came to light that the “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” (CDC) are issuing numerous nationwide self-edicts to indefinitely “Quarantine” YOU for an impending calamity.

Well known CDC Doctor, turned Whistleblower, William Thompson, recently admitted on national television that the “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” are truly honoring their namesake, in that they create diseases so that they can control them. Proof of this, are thousands of destroyed documents which indicate that their own “Vaccines”, to allegedly “help” people, in reality, make them sick, cause death, and actually aide the spread of the very illness they claim to prevent. (No wonder, seeing how “vaccines” contain the actual virus, along with toxic industrial chemicals which dramatically weaken your immune system simultaneously when you receive them both together . . . Sounds like an intentional plan to me.)

This notably unscrupulous organization just arrogantly announced their own “National Medical Legislation”. (Illegal laws, not passed by congress, disguised as “procedural guidelines” for “health emergencies”.) In other words, you can be arrested and jailed, sorry, “Detained” and “Quarantined”, by mere hearsay, even before you are sick or contagious, simply if they claim that they “suspect” that you “might be” (or perhaps they will already know that you are not, and will merely use this pretext to illegally apprehend you for nefarious reasons).

Ronald Reagan’s proposed “Flat Tax” would have saved the country 50 Billion Dollars Annually in unnecessary IRS manpower (Half a Trillion Dollars in just 10 years), plus it would have brought in as much as 450 Billion Dollars Annually in previously uncollected revenue (4.5 Trillion Dollars in just 10 years), yet, for some reason, this proposal was obstinately rejected by our own greedy government. Why? Because it would have completely eradicated the IRS, the Gestapo Attack Dog of the Executive Branch. In a similar fashion, the CDC, in the guise of a “benevolent” agency, can now, “for your own good”, arrest you and jail you . . . sorry . . . “Detain” you and “Quarantine” you.

Just as President Kennedy cleverly called the blockade of Cuba a “Quarantine” (as a “blockade” is an act of war, just as illegal detainment of a citizen is), the United States Government fully intends to use the same deception to enact Martial Law upon its own naïve citizens, by adroitly controlling them through, mostly fabricated or imagined I’m sure, “disease outbreaks”, so as to not use the real term of Military Incarceration. While the CDC’s press release of these new unconstitutional regulations (included in the references below) initially suggests that such acts will be “voluntary”, before their Orwellian double-speak paragraph is finished, they nevertheless admit . . .

“When an apprehension occurs, the individual is not free to leave or discontinue his/her discussion with an HHS/CDC public health or quarantine officer.”

Notice the word “When”. (Just like with the recent Executive Orders about “When” the first seven leaders of FEMA cannot be found.) The CDC goes on to say . . .

“Vaccination and Treatment: The individual’s consent shall not be considered as a prerequisite to any exercise of any authority.”

I just have this to say . . .

Does a cow have a choice not to be vaccinated with harmful antibiotics which selfishly serve the farmer’s short-term interests above their lifelong ones?



Because it is an animal and a piece of property.

When our society starts treating men, women, and children as animals and pieces of property, our society is going backwards not forwards.

I will discuss this, a foretold economic collapse, as well as detail the government’s cunning incremental plan for gradually implementing Martial Law, so as to not awaken the sleeping frog-citizen from their cozy warm, yet soon to be boiling pot of infamy, in this weeks episode of Conspiracy Corner News”.

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Government Prepares to “Quarantine” You (VIDEO) | amazon-associates-logo-600x300-300x150 | Civil Rights Conspiracy Corner Government Government Control Government Corruption Losing Rights Martial Law Medical & Health Multimedia Sleuth Journal Vaccines

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