Gov’t Test Finds Radiation In California Cattle Feed

Gov't Test Finds Radiation In California Cattle Feed | Cattle-Feed-460x284 | Agriculture & Farming General Health

Government tests detected radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster site, in cattle feed at California Dairy Farms.  California Department of Public Health deliberately tried to conceal the danger, waited 9 months before sending sample to lab for testing so as to allow radiation levels to decay; then sat-on the report until now to keep citizens in the dark.  We have the report, now so do you!  BEWARE milk and beef from California.

Gov't Test Finds Radiation In California Cattle Feed | img_630-feb_-15-16_51-460x109 | Agriculture & Farming General Health

Gov't Test Finds Radiation In California Cattle Feed | 2-460x18 | Agriculture & Farming General Health

Winter forage vegetation at the California dairy farm had combined cesium 134 + 137 equaling 0.299 pCi/gram or 299 pCi/kg. This means cattle in California are EATING radioactive feed. The radiation has to go somewhere, and it does; into the skin, muscles, blood and bodily fluids (like milk).

Readers are strongly advised to BEWARE milk and beef from California.

SIDENOTE: Cesium-134 levels would be even higher than reported due to the 9  months of radioactive decay that took place before testing occurred  (37.5% into its 2-year half-life).

No reason is stated for the 9-month gap between when  the vegetation sample was harvested and when it was tested.

Read the full report HERE

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