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Our Submission Guidelines:

Use links that are relevant to your article.
We do not allow Amazon or other affiliate advertisement links. For advertisement links, please contact

Include links that validate your claims.
Prove your point to your readers. Show resources and links that led you to your conclusions.

Don’t link to low quality websites.
We do not condone nor encourage low quality websites. If we see submissions that include these types of websites, they will be changed to “no-follow” links, or the submission will be denied approval altogether.

Make sure the submission content coincides with The Sleuth Journal philosophies.
Any article that does not meet our philosophies will be denied approval.

You may include an author bio and link to your website.
Your website must be relevant to your article and beneficial to our readers.

Image guidelines:

No nudity, explicit or copyrighted material.
Submissions containing any of the above will be denied approval.

If no images are submitted we may choose one from our repository.
We have the right to replace any of your images with one of ours, as necessary.

We encourage you to promote your article:

Email your article to all your friends and newsletter list.
Post the link on all of your social media networks and in your Facebook Groups.
Create a back-link to the post from your website.
If you’re a member of any forums, post the link in your groups.