Is Halloween Evil? Why Witches, Occultists And Satanists Celebrate Halloween And Why You Should Not

Is Halloween Evil? Why Witches, Occultists And Satanists Celebrate Halloween And Why You Should Not | halloween-pumpkin | Faith US News

On October 31st, most people will simply ignore the dark side of Halloween. The vast majority of the population will dress up in costumes, go to parties and eat candy without ever even considering where the holiday came from or what certain people are doing behind closed doors. But the truth is that Halloween night is one of the biggest nights of the year for witches, occultists and Satanists. All over America, those that are deep into the dark arts will be contacting the dead, casting spells and conducting blood sacrifices. As you will see below, there is a reason why animal shelters across the country ban the adoption of black cats this time of the year. But even our “innocent” Halloween traditions such as dressing up in costumes, “trick or treating” and carving jack-o’-lanterns all have their roots in ancient pagan practices. And every year the costumes for our young girls become even more sexually suggestive, the horror movies become even more demonic, and the public’s fascination with the occult just continues to grow. It truly is a festival of death, but most people don’t seem to care. In fact, experts are telling us that Halloween has now become America’s second biggest holiday.

According to the National Retail Federation, nearly 70 percent of all Americans plan to celebrate Halloween this year, and spending is expected to shatter the all-time record…

According to the National Retail Federation’s annual survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics, total spending for Halloween is expected to reach $8.4 billion, an all-time high in the survey’s 11-year history.

U.S. consumers are expected to spend an average of $82.93, up from last year’s $74.34, with more than 171 million Americans planning to partake in Halloween festivities this year.

To give you some context, total Halloween spending for 2009 came in at just 4.7 billion dollars. So to say that the celebration of Halloween is growing would be a tremendous understatement.

Sadly, most people have no idea where this holiday originally came from. The truth is that a long time ago Catholicism attempted to “Christianize” an ancient pagan holiday known as Samhain

The origins of Halloween are Celtic in tradition and have to do with observing the end of summer sacrifices to gods in Druidic tradition. In what is now Britain and France, it was the beginning of the Celtic year, and they believed Samhain, the lord of death, sent evil spirits abroad to attack humans, who could escape only by assuming disguises and looking like evil spirits themselves. The waning of the sun and the approach of dark winter made the evil spirits rejoice and play nasty tricks. Believe it or not, most of our Halloween practices can be traced back to these old pagan rites and superstitions.

On the Wiccan calendar, Samhain is one of the most important points on “the wheel of the year”. Wiccans believe that it is the day when “the god dies”, and subsequently they celebrate his rebirth at Yule.

It is also a time when they believe that the veil between the living and the dead is the thinnest, and so it is an opportune time for them to contact the dead. The following is much more on what Wiccans believe about Samhain from

Samhain, (pronounced SOW-in, SAH-vin, or SAM-hayne) means “End of Summer”, and is the third and final Harvest. The dark winter half of the year commences on this Sabbat.

It is generally celebrated on October 31st, but some traditions prefer November 1st. It is one of the two “spirit-nights” each year, the other being Beltane. It is a magical interval when the mundane laws of time and space are temporarily suspended, and the Thin Veil between the worlds is lifted. Communicating with ancestors and departed loved ones is easy at this time, for they journey through this world on their way to the Summerlands. It is a time to study the Dark Mysteries and honor the Dark Mother and the Dark Father, symbolized by the Crone and her aged Consort.

Originally the “Feast of the Dead” was celebrated in Celtic countries by leaving food offerings on altars and doorsteps for the “wandering dead”. Today a lot of practitioners still carry out that tradition. Single candles were lit and left in a window to help guide the spirits of ancestors and loved ones home. Extra chairs were set to the table and around the hearth for the unseen guest. Apples were buried along roadsides and paths for spirits who were lost or had no descendants to provide for them. Turnips were hollowed out and carved to look like protective spirits, for this was a night of magic and chaos. The Wee Folke became very active, pulling pranks on unsuspecting humans. Traveling after dark was was not advised. People dressed in white (like ghosts), wore disguises made of straw, or dressed as the opposite gender in order to fool the Nature spirits.

The ancient practices described in those paragraphs sound very similar to what we do today in many ways, but without a doubt some of the traditions have evolved. For example, instead of carving turnips, those that celebrate Halloween carve pumpkins today.

You may not realize this, but Wicca is actually one of the fastest growing religions in America. And on October 31st, Wiccans all over the nation will get together to conduct rituals and cast spells. Here is a blurb from Wikipedia about the Wiccan belief in “magic”…

During ritual practices, which are often staged in a sacred circle, Wiccans cast spells or “workings” intended to bring about real changes in the physical world. Common Wiccan spells include those used for healing, for protection, fertility, or to banish negative influences.[63] Many early Wiccans, such as Alex Sanders, Sybil Leek and Alex Winfield, referred to their own magic as “white magic“, which contrasted with “black magic“, which they associated with evil and Satanism. Sanders also used the similar terminology of “left hand path” to describe malevolent magic, and “right hand path” to describe magic performed with good intentions;[64] terminology that had originated with the occultist Helena Blavatsky in the 19th century. Some modern Wiccans however have stopped using the white-black magic and left-right hand path dichotomies, arguing for instance that the colour black should not necessarily have any associations with evil.[65]

If you are not familiar with these things, you may scoff at such practices. But the cold, hard reality of the matter is that they are very real. The dark side has power too, and those that have come out of witchcraft can tell you some stories that will stand your hair on end.

Wiccans think of themselves as “good”, and so they tend to reject blood sacrifices and things of that nature.

But for those that are deeper into the occult, blood sacrifice is an essential part of Halloween. As I mentioned above, many animal shelters all over the nation ban the adoption of black cats this time of the year

It’s the week of Halloween, and maybe you don’t know this, but if you suddenly wanted to adopt a black cat, you would probably have a hard time. That’s because thanks to their association with witchcraft, accepted wisdom holds that Halloween is a time when people ritualistically mutilate black cats.

To test if this really was still accepted wisdom, I contacted some animal shelters near to our Los Angeles office, and they all told me they wouldn’t let me adopt a black cat. One, The Lange Foundation—the type of animal rescue that takes in cats from city shelters before they can be euthanized—was willing to talk to me on the phone and explain: If someone were to call and ask specifically for a black cat, that would trigger the policy. “I would say ‘not today!’” said one of the foundation’s board members, Diana Nelson.

You may not want to believe it, but animals will be killed and little children will be abused on Halloween night. The following is what one ex-witch has shared regarding her experiences…

My parents told me before we went around the neighborhood we were going to go by the church (Mormon Church) to get some candy there. The church was very close to my grandmother’s house, and I knew so from going often.

We went to the church and what happened next made my blood curdle. I was given candy, but that was just a preclude to the sexual abuse that would happen in a satanic ritual. On Halloween Satanists use young children, such as myself, as sexual idols to worship. Other children receive a far worse fate. Death. I know for some this is more than you can even think to believe, but it is true. I can barely write these words because the pain of the truth is almost more than I can bear. If it wasn’t for the grace and love of Jesus Christ, I would not even be here writing this at all.

You may say “it doesn’t mean that to me”, but you are just fooling yourself.

Could you take a Satanic Black Mass and turn it into a celebration of Jesus?

Of course not.

And yet so many Christians fully embrace Halloween and pretend that there is nothing wrong with it.

For the record, Satanists absolutely love Halloween. The following comes from the official Church of Satan website

Satanists embrace what this holiday has become, and do not feel the need to be tied to ancient practices. This night, we smile at the amateur explorers of their own inner darkness, for we know that they enjoy their brief dip into the pool of the “shadow world.” We encourage their tenebrous fantasies, the candied indulgence, and the wide-ranging evocation of our aesthetics (while tolerating some of the chintzy versions), even if it is but once a year. For the rest of the time, when those not of our meta-tribe shake their heads in wonder at us, we can point out that they may find some understanding by examining their own All Hallows Eve doings, but we generally find it simpler to just say: “Think of the Addams Family and you’ll begin to see what we’re about.”

Satanists consider Halloween to be one of the most important “holidays” of the year. On page 96 of the Satanic Bible, Anton LaVey wrote the following…

“After one’s own birthday, the two major Satanic holidays are Walpurgisnacht (May 1st) and Halloween.”

Isn’t that lovely?

Despite all of this, most Christians in America will happily celebrate Halloween on October 31st. In fact, one recent survey found that just 8 percent of all Christian pastors want their congregations to skip the holiday altogether. Instead, most of them want their members to invite people to a “Christian version of Halloween” at their churches. The following comes from Charisma

Two-thirds (67 percent) encourage church members to invite friends and neighbors to a fall festival, trunk-or-treat or judgment house. Pastors at bigger churches (those with 250 or more in attendance) are most likely to ask church members to invite their neighbors (86 percent) to an event at the church. Those from small churches (50 or less in attendance) are least likely (48 percent).

If the gospel is preached, I am all for people going to church on October 31st. But all too often these “alternative celebrations” are nothing more than repackaged versions of the same Satanic holiday that the world is celebrating. I like how Pastor Jamie Morgan described what our approach to this day should be…

Setting aside a day to celebrate evil, darkness, witchcraft, fear, death and the demonic brings disdain to God. Period. A Christian celebrating Halloween would be like a Satan worshiper putting up a nativity scene at Christmas while singing, “Happy Birthday, Jesus!” The two just don’t go together. Jesus has nothing in common with Satan (2 Cor. 6:14), and neither should we.

And the truth is that God has wanted us to have nothing to do with occult practices from the very beginning. The following is what Deuteronomy 18:9-13 says in the Modern English version

9 When you enter into the land which the Lord your God gives you, you must not learn to practice the abominations of those nations. 10 There must not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, or who uses divination, or uses witchcraft, or an interpreter of omens, or a sorcerer, 11 or one who casts spells, or a spiritualist, or an occultist, or a necromancer. 12 For all that do these things are an abomination to the Lord, and because of these abominations the Lord your God will drive them out from before you. 13 You must be blameless before the Lord your God.

There will be many people that will read this article and will continue to celebrate Halloween just as they normally do. If that is you, then you need to understand that engaging in dark practices can open up doors to spiritual darkness for yourself and your entire family.

If you do that, then that is your choice, but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord.

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The truth

Well done and i believe it to be the truth .

A holiday we can do without!

Thank you for speaking the truth and informing people about how this holiday came to be. People have been deceived into thinking it is completely harmless.

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About The Author

Michael T. Snyder is a graduate of the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia and has a law degree and an LLM from the University of Florida Law School. He is an attorney that has worked for some of the largest and most prominent law firms in Washington D.C. and who now spends his time researching and writing and trying to wake the American people up. You can follow his work on The Economic Collapse blog, The Most Important News, End of the American Dream and The Truth Wins. His new novel entitled “The Beginning Of The End” is now available on

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    • ZombieGirl

      Samhain is purely Celtic…nothing to do with Satanists or other sick individuals, especially Jewish run Hollywood….what is YOUR religion, Mr. Snyder?

      • vladilyich

        Probably a member of Landover Baptist! It’s bee years since I’ve read such lies and disinformation as he absolutely uneducated article.spews in this

      • nkerdahl90

        Yes, that is true. First off one must be a Christan to believe in something like that pathetic creature satan. Pagans DO NOT BELIEVE IT EXISTS! And we are fully in belief of the power of three, this means that the good that you do comes back to you three times stronger, and the bad, three times worse! The Wiccan rede

      • Busta Jetson

        Hey, ZeeGee! What’s shakin’?

        • ZombieGirl

          oh, just some witchy stuff!!

    • Rodney Steward

      No more evil than the black house full of the muslim cult!

      • Eileen Ross

        They are pretty equal. Neither will be going to Heaven.

        • MindWarrior

          YOUR heaven or THEIR heaven?

          • Eileen Ross

            There is only ONE God. Therefore, there is only ONE Heaven.

            • MindWarrior

              And of course that would be YOUR god, right? Not the god(s) of Hindus, Moslems, Judaists, animists, etc. Not THEIR belief…just YOURS. How convenient. Show me the proof.

            • Eileen Ross

              He is THEIR God as well, if they would recognize Him.
              1 Corinthians 8:6 tells us:
              “But to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we by him.”

            • MindWarrior

              You are simply quoting YOUR book…naturally it only endorses YOUR god. What about the Torah, Quran, or the Bhaghavad Gita? Their books say different, and say you should recognize THEIR god(s) or perish. You may be praying to the wrong god.

            • Eileen Ross

              Oh please. I have faith in the only true God, there is no other. I will not respond to you again, there is no point in it.

            • MindWarrior

              As with most religious people, you are very close-minded and negative concerning other people’s equally valid beliefs. What intolerance.

    • The Capatin

      I watched a young teen walking down the street in a ghost costume and asked an older Marine, “Is the Klan holding a rally, or is Hillary Clinton holding a fund raiser”?

      He couldn’t stop laughing!

      I hate Halloween. It is the beliefs of Satanists, being used for Corporate profits. No thanks, I prefer to worship the Lord.

      • MindWarrior

        ALL things concerning humanity are linked to power and money. It’s the only absolute truth in history.

    • EdWatts

      I guess the Snyders won’t be handing out candy this year. And I would kick Michael’s @$$ if he implied, face-to-face, that Mormons are child molesters.

    • Eileen Ross

      Before I became a Christian I didn’t know any better, and really enjoyed Halloween. Making children’s’ costumes, dressing up along with them, trick or treating and decorating. I see the innocent part of it, but I also see the Satanic part. As far as trick or treating, the evil people have ruined that anyway, with the things they have done with candy, etc. My daughter works at an SPCA, and she said that no one gets to adopt a black cat near Halloween. There are lots of cults out there. And we all know it can be very unsafe to just turn your kids loose in an unknown neighborhood. So I suppose it is best to play it safe and find an alternative, not only for safety, but most importantly, respecting God.

      • GRAMPA

        One must be fully informed before forming an opinion on the actions of others and their practices. Wicca believes in magic. does your bible not account of magic and miracles done by Christ and others? why then should one be condemned and not the other. The christens has encompassed and enclosed the beliefs of other religious beliefs into their own. Look as proof to the Celtic cross that has a circle combined to the cross. the circle was from the worship of the sun and was part of the wicca beliefs in nature. in Mexico it is the day of the dead that is also folded into the church. this is accepted by the church and is combined with the saints icons displayed in the streets. Dont be swayed by many with narrow minds who wish to control find your answers I did and find many answers to the same questions.

        • Eileen Ross

          Thanks for your input Grampa.
          There is a big difference between miracles and magic. Since Jesus Christ is God’s Son, the miracles He performed were from God. The Apostles could also perform miracles, as the power to perform them was given by Jesus. Magic comes from Satan.
          Please understand that there are Christians, and then there are those who think they are Christians. A true Christian follows the Bible as closely as they can, and are of the body of the Church of Christ. No one else died for us. Most of the other churches with various names have been infiltrated and influenced by those who want to water down and eventually destroy Christianity. Consequently, folks have been led down the wrong path.
          Wicca is pagen, plain and simple. If one does not worship God, and does not believe that Jesus is His Son, then they worship Satan, even though they say they do not. It is one or the other. I have been studying this for a while, and now when I read the Bible, the truth jumps out and can be seen plainly.
          My grand daughter and her husband are into Wicca, and it breaks my heart. What makes it even worse is that their precious innocent little girl will be brought up that way. All I can do is pray that their eyes will be opened, they will turn to God and be baptized into Christ. It is hard to think that any of your loved ones are going to Hell instead of Heaven.

          • GRAMPA

            pe patient and inform. Most of all get yourself informed. I have read many volumes trying to understand what and why people believe as they do.The belief in Wicca can be at many levels. basically it is only the love and honoring of nature. their belief in Magic is nothing more than prayer. as with the catholic church multipartite praying has greater effect. However this is what to watch for. While Wicca has been the peaceful worship of nature some prevent it to a satan like cult that is not Wicca. if they worship one entity then worry for it isnt true Wicca. this is why to be informed for they may be used by others who have no desire other than control. I dont normally give advice and understand this is not my business. In my seventy five years I have noticed many things when it comes to family. never place yourself between a husband and wife. the harder you push they will start to push back you want to avoid a split between you and them. ask only if they would read the information you provide This is why you must be familiar with everything. if it is true Wicca their isnt any danger. as you said they have no power and will become disenchanted when nothing works. True Wicca isnt about casting spells It is prayer just as any religion. when the time is good then let them know that what they believe was created by god. they are only honoring his creations. Where to start? by listening. Ask them to tell you about it. say nothing just listen. the more they talk the more they will open up and then trust. it will give you the directions you must take. You cannot make them change it must be on their own terms. when they find they can talk and you listen without criticisms then when they have problems then they will listen when you talk. this is why I say be ready. you must know as much as you can so not to offer solutions within Wicca but point to solutions in your religion. now they have a choice with no pressure they will make it. Soon they will see that this is a phase and will seek the solution that provides stable guidance. then offer them your faith. Wicca is not something that fits into modern life. when they experience others who will ridicule their belief they will give it up. be patient. And i have run on much too long i have seen this same thing in a grand daughter and it caused her mother quite some grief. This is why I bothered to study it. again be patient for they must feel they have your support if not approval you will succeed for you have faith. My name is Noel and share his birthday…Grampa

            • Eileen Ross

              Thank you for you sound advice Noel. The problem is, my grand daughter’s in laws, and all of her friends are also involved in Wicca, as is her paternal grandmother and aunts. This has really caught on unfortunately, but it is Satan’s world right now. I know that her paternal grandmother is on the darker side and is deeper in it. And I am across the country, so am also sometimes out of the loop. Usually, a Christian can show a non believer the truth by example, but in this case, that is difficult. As I said, I pray, a lot. Perhaps God will send her a witness who can open her eyes to the truth.

          • Daniel Brofford

            Eileen Ross, I agree with you a hundred percent. It says in the Bible ( Gods word ) that you cannot serve two masters you have to serve one or the other. So if you are not serving God you are indeed serving the devil.

            • Eileen Ross

              Amen, brother.

            • MindWarrior

              All this talk of the bible…simply another book written by man. Got evidence to the contrary? Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.

            • Daniel Brofford

              Your right in a way because man was holding the pen but what’s in it came from God. The holy Bible is the only religion that is full of prophecies that have came true. For people that don’t believe in the Bible they will when they walk through deaths door. When we all walk through deaths door ( and all of us will ) there will be no atheist no agnostics and no skeptics there will only be firm believers. So I pray that you will read the Bible and pray for decernment because God is a loving God who wants for all of us to come to the knowledge of the truth. Have a good day buddy.

            • MindWarrior

              But–can it be proven that the content is from a god? All religions contain prophecies that SEEM to have come to pass, but upon closer scrutiny, you have to be very loose and gray in this area with wording. What about people with religious beliefs other than your own? How can you be sure YOURS is the right one? Faith is just another word meaning no proof.

            • MindWarrior

              But by the SAME token…if you are NOT serving the devil, are you not indeed serving a god?

          • MindWarrior

            How about simply not worshipping ANYBODY?

    • Alleged Comment

      It use to have that meaning but now it’s just fun to dress up and go get candy? Make fun of ghost, goblins, witches which many don’t believe in anymore.

      Well, that’s what someone told me.

    • Joe Toland

      I think these days it’s more about having fun and socializing.

    • MindWarrior

      They seem to fully informed about Halloween, but were they as diligent in learning or choosing the religion they happen to follow??