Hanford Nuclear Site Spewed Radiation: Confirmed (VIDEO)

Hanford Nuclear Site Spewed Radiation: Confirmed (VIDEO) | hanford-nuclear-site | Environment Multimedia Special Interests US News

By: Shepard Ambellas, Intellihub |

A total news blackout on the dangerous radioactive release remains in place.

The Hanford Nuclear Site has been confirmed to have released dangerous levels of radiation despite a total news blackout.

Although officials told 300,000 residents in the area not to worry and that ‘no action is needed,’ it appears these were lies.

Moreover, according to ISM Board: “Lawyers for the Energy Department have said no evidence has been provided showing workers have been harmed by vapors.” However, again, these statements prove to be false.

A hat tip goes out to DAHBOO777 for breaking the shocking details.

“What we have here is a confirmation from the one clip and it is a golden nugget,” DAHBOO777 stated in a video posted to YouTube Friday. “I’m not sure how much more solid evidence we could find on this. This is from the horse’s mouth.”

According to a worker, “The tunnels were used to store highly contaminated equipment. Some of the tunnels are so hot that if you were in there you would probably die from radiation within an hour — they are that extreme.”

The worker maintains that typically humans wold never enter the tunnels and that work was left up to an “electric train.”

“The radiation coming out of that hole is probably off the charts,” the worker admits. “No one has been around that area — it could have been open for God knows how long.”

Now, emergency response audio obtained by DAHBOO777 details the truth.

“The shift is releasing high radiation and contamination out of the tunnel,” an emergency responder can be heard saying before the media changed the narrative to cover up the danger to the public.

As of Friday, the hole has reportedly been filled in, officials claim.

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