3 Health Benefits of Distilled Water

3 Health Benefits of Distilled Water | water | General Health Special Interests

Distilled water is water that’s been purified of contaminants through distillation. The process is relatively simple; water is brought to a boil and converted to steam. The steam flows through cooling tubes and condenses back into pure water. This is different than simply filtering water in that this process removes all potentially harmful organisms and chemicals. As you may imagine, there are benefits to drinking and using distilled water beyond superficial smell and taste improvements.

1. Removing Contaminants

The most important health benefit distilled water offers is the elimination of water borne contaminants that may potentially be found in water. Drinking contaminated water is one of the fastest ways to spread disease, toxic metals and industrial pollutants. By removing the contaminants from water through distillation, we can help alleviate the risk of future illnesses and toxic buildup.

2. Elimination of Chemicals

The most common problem with drinking municipal water is that chlorine and/or fluoride are added as part of the water treatment process. The addition of fluoride is a huge can of worms alone and perhaps one of the greatest scams perpetrated in modern times. Among a host of other problems, too much fluoride in your drinking water can have adverse effects such as tooth discoloration and breakdown of tooth enamel. Chlorine can be harmful to your skin in undiluted amounts, it can also be harmful to your body in the diluted amounts of city water. Distilled water has filtered out these chemicals as well as others to make what is called pure water.

3. No Additives

Many municipal water supplies also contain calcium. While calcium is essential to maintaining good health, too much calcium can be a precursor to kidney stone formation. For some people, kidney stones can be a constant and painful problem and drinking distilled water can reduce the risk of developing more kidney stones. And, if you just prefer to be in complete control of how you receive your vitamins and minerals, there is no substitute for distilled water.

The Flipside to No Additives

Distillation will remove impurities found in water but will also remove the naturally occurring minerals. The World Health Organization has stated that 14 necessary micronutrients are absent from distilled water; our bodies do require these minerals to function. If you’re not receiving your daily amount of these minerals in your water, it is necessary to get them from food sources or a multivitamin.

How to Make Super Water

Add the following to 1 gallon of distilled water to give it a boost of enzymes and nutrients:

To receive the maximum benefits that super water offers, divide your body weight by two to determine the number of ounces of super distilled water to drink daily.

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    • Distillation is certainly effective at removing contaminants, but in most cases it is expensive (about $0.30 a gallon), energy-hungry and over-kill. In the event of an emergency, the electricity necessary to power most distillation systems might not be available – making your water purification system useless.

      A NSF certified activated carbon filtration system is sufficient to significantly reduce most contaminants of concern in most tap water. A good activated carbon filter will reduce residual disinfectants, disinfection byproducts, many organic contaminants, asbestos, cyst Reduction, lead, mercury, MTBE, PCB and radon (depending on manufacturer). The cost is about a quarter of the cost of distilling and a high-quality activated carbon filter with a pore size of 1/2 micron or less can be used in emergency situations where electricity is not available by using a pump or allowing water to siphon through.
      ~> info(dot)nsf(dot)org/Certified/DWTU/

      You should always look at your water quality report and determine which contaminants are present before selecting any water treatment method. Activated carbon filters are not effective, for example, at reducing nitrates, and as the article pointed out, fluoride ions.

      The level of fluoride ions in fluoridated tap water, however, is not harmful, and the low levels of exposure actually help reduce dental decay. The benefits of drinking water fluoridation far outweigh any risks, and after 70 years of research, over 100 scientific and health organizations continue to publically recognize the public health benefit of fluoridation for preventing dental decay. These organizations include The World Health Organization, American Academy of Pediatrics, American Medical Association, U.S. Public Health Service, American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Council on Science and Health and the American Society for Nutritional Sciences.
      ~> ada(dot)org/en/public-programs/advocating-for-the-public/fluoride-and-fluoridation/fluoridation-facts/fluoridation-facts-compendium
      ~> Ilikemyteeth(dot)org/fluoridation/why-fluoride/

      The 2016 World Health Organization report: Fluoride and Oral Health, provides an excellent summary of the benefits and risks of community water fluoridation.
      —> “Studies from many different countries over the past 60 years are remarkably consistent in demonstrating substantial reductions in caries prevalence as a result of water fluoridation. One hundred and thirteen studies into the effectiveness of artificial water fluoridation in 23 countries conducted before 1990, recorded a modal percent caries reduction of 40 to 50% in primary teeth and 50 to 60% in permanent.”
      —> “More recently, systematic reviews summarizing these extensive databases have confirmed that water fluoridation substantially reduces the prevalence and incidence of dental caries in primary and permanent teeth. Although percent caries reductions recorded have been slightly lower in 59 post-1990 studies compared with the pre-1990 studies, the reductions are still substantial.”
      —> “The question of possible adverse general health effects caused by exposure to fluorides taken in optimal concentrations throughout life has been the object of thorough medical investigations which have failed to show any impairment of general health.”
      ~> who(dot)int/oral_health/publications/2016_fluoride_oral_health.pdf

      While it is true that excess exposure to fluoride ions can cause “adverse effects such as tooth discoloration and breakdown of tooth enamel”, those effects have not been documented as having been caused by optimally fluoridated water (0.7 ppm) even though hundreds of millions of individuals drink the fluoridated water and have done so for decades. The scam is pretending there is legitimate evidence that fluoridation is dangerous and ineffective.

    • georgesilver

      I drink distilled water everyday. Have done for years. The micronutrients part is rubbish. The only minerals and nutrients available to the body are from organic sources like vegetables and meat. Minerals in water are usually non organic and just build in the body causing joint and circulation problems…. just like a furred-up kettle.