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She’s back. Hillary Clinton never went away.

In a St. Patrick Day address, she suggested she’ll return to politics – despite a Suffolk University poll showing her popularity at 35%, an all-time low.

Asked after an earlier Wellesley College address (her alma mater) what she’d change about her disastrous 2016 campaign, she said: “I’d win.”

Anyone so widely reviled should realize she’s unwanted and back off. Not Hillary, perhaps as much focused on undermining Trump as pursing a political comeback.

On Tuesday, she spoke at a San Francisco diversity conference, hosted by Professional Business Women of California, invited as keynote speaker, likely for 6-figure remuneration.

“There is no place I’d rather be than here with you,” she blustered – “other than the White House. Obviously the outcome of the election wasn’t the one I hoped for…”

She criticized Trumpcare, calling it “a disastrous” replacement for Obama’s (increasingly unaffordable) Affordable Care Act – ignoring her own “disastrous” foray into health care reform as first lady.

Her “managed competition” scheme was long on marketplace medicine, short on high quality affordable care for all Americans, HillaryCare in its early stages hatched secretly.

Her plan failed. Obamacare became the law of the land, a healthcare rationing scheme, benefiting insurers, drug companies and large hospital chains – instead of universal, single-payer care coverage, everyone included, no one left out, everybody getting equal benefits, the only workable, equitable plan Hillary, Obama, Trump and most other political figures reject.

Her March 17 and Tuesday addresses sounded like she’s still campaigning, her longstanding deplorable record ignored.

She and husband Bill comprise one of America’s most notorious crime families. She’s unabashedly hawkish, pro-Wall Street, pro-other predatory corporate interests, and pro-police state harshness.

She one-sidedly supports Israel’s high crimes. She’s militantly anti-Russia, anti-Iran, and anti-all other sovereign independent states.

She favors interventionism over diplomacy, orchestrated genocidal war on Libya and Syria, was involved in toppling democratic governments in Honduras and Paraguay, along with profiting hugely from plundering Haiti along with husband Bill.

She remains unaccountable for years of high crimes, supports monied interests over popular ones, remains a world-class menace in waiting.

Is she considering another White House run? In the meantime, she appears focused on undermining Trump – perhaps as a way of boosting her future chance to gain the high office twice lost trying.

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