How To Extract Water From Thin Air (VIDEOS)

How To Extract Water From Thin Air (VIDEOS) | water | General Health Natural Health News Articles Off-Grid & Independent Living Preparedness\Survival Sleuth Journal Special Interests

Imagine if one day the power goes out on a nationwide scale, the water stops running and becomes scarce. How will you survive? Start thinking about collecting water from the atmosphere, there is over three quadillions of it floating around the atmosphere right now. And if you made the mistake of not storing water, this might be your only hope. Here are a few Atmospheric Water Collecting tips!

Tree Transpiration Technique:

In the morning, dew and humidity is abundant, tie a bag around a leafy green tree, bush or shrub branch, use a twist tie or rubber band to wrap around the open end of the bag like so:

How To Extract Water From Thin Air (VIDEOS) | get-water-6 | General Health Natural Health News Articles Off-Grid & Independent Living Preparedness\Survival Sleuth Journal Special Interests

The weight creates a low point for the water to collect, over the course of a day the plant will transpire enough moisture to collect, create a tiny hole at the bottom of the bag and place a pan or a jar at the bottom to collect the water or just untie from the branch and drink. It’s important to use a leafy green tree or branch that is non-poisonous, the water will taste like whatever plant you choose. It isn’t much but is better than nothing.

Dew Container + Grass Technique:

The EASIEST way to collect water from air is just place a plastic bowl over grass in the sun, moisture will collect on the inside, when ready, lift the plastic bowl and swish the water condensation around and there you have it, free water!

Belowground Still Technique:

Another basic water collection technique is the Belowground Still Technique, to do this you would need a thin plastic bag, a digging tool, a water container, a drinking tube (optional) and a clean weight (rock or other weight).

Find a moist area that gets a fair amount of sunlight, it’s best to use these water collection techniques in the morning when dew and humidity is abundant (if you live in a dry humid area is a plus).

1) Dig a hole in the soil about three feet across and two feet deep, make sure the top soil is green with grass and somewhat moist and soft soil, the bottom of the hole should be flat for your container.

2) Place the container in the hole.

3) Now place the thin plastic flat over the hole.

4) Cover the sides of the plastic with rock to keep it secure so when you place the weight on top of the plastic that it won’t collapse.

5) Now place the rock or weight in the middle just over the container, let it hang about 15-18 inches directly over the container.

It should look something like this:

How To Extract Water From Thin Air (VIDEOS) | get-water-4 | General Health Natural Health News Articles Off-Grid & Independent Living Preparedness\Survival Sleuth Journal Special Interests

The moisture from the ground reacts from the heat of the sun to produce condensation on the inside of the plastic, you can also add green leafy vegetation inside the hole for more moisture content (basically any organic material that has moisture). To collect the water just remove the rock and grab the container. This technique can produce up to one quart of water per day.

(There are other ways to use this same technique!)

If you use this belowground tehnique you should filter out any sediment that may end up in the container:

How to Make A Filter:

1) Find a plastic bag (preferably with handles)

2) place charcoal at the bottom, next sand, next pebbles, another layer of sand and more rocks.

3) tie the handles of the plastic bag to a tree branch or a hook to elevate the bag (like shown in picture).

4) pour the water in the bag.

5) poke a small hole at the bottom of the bag.

6) place a water container or jar at the bottom to catch the clean water.

This only removes large sediment and the charcoal improves the taste, it DOES NOT FULLY PURIFY WATER.

How To Extract Water From Thin Air (VIDEOS) | get-water-5 | General Health Natural Health News Articles Off-Grid & Independent Living Preparedness\Survival Sleuth Journal Special Interests

Also, you can purchase a “almond milk bag” or a “mesh screen bag” on Amazon to make this process even easier or just use a shirt or cloth to remove the large particles.

If you use this belowground tehnique you should boil the water before drinking, or use iodine tablets to be safe.

Also you can purchase a “LifeStraw” its basically a filter that is a shape of a straw so you can drink unpureified water straight from the device. It gets rid of 100 percent waterborne bacteria and 98.7 percent of viruses and particles. Five million people per year die from waterborne illness, mostly children and people that have compromised immune systems.

It’s not safe to drink unpurified water from the ground technique, you can catch Cryptosporidium or other viruses even parasites if you don’t purify the water.

1) get a reliable water filter like the LIFESTRAW.

2) Boil the water for 10 minutes at a steady boil.

3) Use iodine tablets.


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