How to Find a Perfect Mattress Size for Your Bedroom

How to Find a Perfect Mattress Size for Your Bedroom | bed | News And Opinions

(Sponsored Content) Do you often find yourself in need of a bit more space in your bed? Maybe the kids like to climb up in bed with you or maybe your partner sleeps like starfish and takes up all the available space. In any case, if you don’t have enough space to extend your limbs and accommodate your favorite position, your sleep won’t be restful.

So, to avoid spending your days being cranky and tired, I recommend a king size bed. It is a big mattress indeed (76 inches wide by about 80 inches long), but if you have space in the bedroom, you should consider it. It is wider than the queen size mattress and allows two fully-grown adults to feel comfortable in their personal space. Of course, if you’re still not sure, you should learn more about the sizes before deciding. Sources like have a list of the most common sizes for couples, singles, children etc.

I also recommend doing a bit of research on producers and checking the most popular features so the mattress would fit your needs. It can be confusing at first, given the plethora of designs and models out there, but to help you out, I whipped up a quick buying guide to help the future king-size bed owner.

The Type of Mattress

The type makes direct reference to the inner structure and the material used to make the mattress. There are several popular choices out there starting with innerspring and coils, and ending with memory foam or latex. The choice here is mostly up to you and your preferences, but if you need back support, the memory foam and latex surfaces are the most recommended by specialists.

The Warranty Period

While it doesn’t guarantee that the mattress will be with you for 20 years, such a warranty period shows the producer has trust in their product and is willing to back it up. You should also be careful with the coverage of the warranty (some warranties only cover small parts of the mattress and not the entire thing).

The Return Policy

You may think that once you decided on a mattress, that’s it. It will be delivered and you get to enjoy for a long time. While I wish your shopping experience would be this great, there is always the risk that you won’t like it after a few nights of testing.  After all, you can’t actually make an impression by lying on the mattress in the store.

So, if you have to return it, you shouldn’t be the one to deal with shipment and preparation for shipment. Mattresses are heavy and transportation can be pretty steep. You should also check if the company will give you a full refund or only store credit.M

The Budget

It may be the last on my list, but I know it is the first on yours. So, the available budget will decide the type of mattress you’ll get, but you shouldn’t compromise. Even when the budget is quite small, you can still get a good offer for a medium-to-good quality mattress.

In order to find the best products at the best prices, it is important to take your time and do the research.

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