How to Takeover Your Government and the Dramatic Sheriff’s Race

How to Takeover Your Government and the Dramatic Sheriff's Race | 592113_169188483184687_820205048_n | Agenda 21 Government Government Control Government Corruption Gun Control Know Your Rights NDAA News Articles Politics Protestors & Activists US Constitution & Bill Of Rights Liberty Takeover 2012 is a Florida-based organization devoted to restoring principles in politics by supporting campaigns to get liberty-minded candidates elected into office.

Liberty Takeover 2012 has developed a grassroots system that can override establishment campaigns, money and lobbying. Liberty Takeover 2012’s strategy is to involve people as volunteers in the smallest political area — the precinct — in order to educate and influence their neighbors to vote for the liberty candidate.

According to Liberty Takeover 2012, elections can be won by convincing only 4 out of 10 people about the merits of liberty candidates. Believe it or not, it only takes about 10 volunteers working together in each precinct to accomplish these goals. Remember, many people are searching for expert information and welcome volunteer educators. Click here for more information.

Liberty Takeover’s strategy is not yet fully implemented, so it is an uphill battle to get lesser-known and unfunded liberty candidates elected. However, Liberty Takeover 2012 is supporting candidate Bernie DeCastro who running for the important office of sheriff in Marion County who has a promising chance at winning. Bernie DeCastro is endorsed by Sheriff Mack who wrote the book on Constitutional sheriffs.

Bernie DeCastro is also an OathKeeper and has pledged to uphold and defend the Constitution.

DeCastro has vowed to squarely reject the 10 illegal orders outlined by the OathKeepers including disarming American citizens, warrantless searches, detaining American citizens as “enemy combatants”, imposing martial law without permission of the state, subjugating a state that asserts sovereignty, blockading American cities, forcing Americans into detention camps, assisting foreign troops against Americans, confiscating property of Americans and infringing on free speech.

For the OathKeepers’ full explanation of the 10 unlawful orders that are acts of war by the government on its own citizens that should be refused, click here.

Additionally, DeCastro refuses to enforce the federal National Defense Authorization Act provisions for indefinite detention and the PATRIOT Act as both grossly violate civil liberties. DeCastro is also against the United Nations’ Agenda 21 program that is designed to eliminate private property.

While DeCastro has been wildly out-spent in his campaign, his original opponent was forced to drop out of the race due to allegations that he had an affair while on duty. He will be replaced by Chris Blair who will be forced to run under the scandalized former opponent’s name, giving DeCastro an advantage.

DeCastro is not a law enforcement veteran, but has focused for the last 20 years on helping former prisoners transform their lives and integrate back into society with his ‘Time for Freedom Ministries’. DeCastro himself transformed his life decades ago after convictions for misdemeanors, burglary, drug dealing and armed robbery. Because DeCastro is a model citizen who has changed his life, Governor Lawton Chiles granted him a full pardon in 1994.

Bernie DeCastro’s opponents will undoubtedly use his criminal record against him despite the decades he has worked contributing to the community. If you would like to volunteer or offer support, please click here.

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