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HP has been serving Navy for more than a decade. HP employs contractors and subcontractors in the process of providing the best services to the Navy. HP also shares confidential Navy sensitive documents and system with their contractors, without which it would be impossible to serve the Navy. But, the question arises, Does HP takes sole responsibility to ensure the sensitive documentations and systems are secure? Failing to secure could risk the sole purpose of the Navy; to protect the country from any overseas attacks. There have been many incidents in the past where the Navy has worked on parting their ways from HP. Consecutive failures to it; the Navy still relies on HP to a large extent.


HP has large military clientele such as the Department of Defense (DoD), Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), US Navy and others. Recently, HP attained a contract with Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) to enhance security of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) enterprise. The contract is valued up to approximately $39.8 million over seven years.


Betsy Hight, Vice President, Cyber Security Practice, U.S. Public Sector, HP Enterprise Services said  “Providing robust cyber security protection and defenses to DISA and across the DoD enterprise is a top priority for DISA’s Leadership”.


As the promises and commitment showed to the military services, HP does not stand still with their commitments. According to the Government Accountability Office (GAO), a decision by the Navy to award a contract to a team led by HP has been challenged by their adversaries. The contract values to $3.5 billion Next Generation Enterprise Network (NGEN).


HP has, more than once, failed to confiscate government sensitive system from its contractors and sub-contractors. Following the shooting at Washington Navy Yard workplace leading to 12 deaths. HP has lost its six year old contractor, The Expert, a Florida based solution provider.


A former ex HP contractor named “Caesar Manigault” has brought up the issue regarding mishandling and mismanagement of government sensitive files especially when a Multi-Billion dollar company arm you with such powerful government information.  Now, there is a report that HP has failed to confiscate the government sensitive information and system while revoking the former DoD contractor named “Caesar Manigault” for no known reason. The Contractor was on the Contract for 3 weeks after being notified to not work after being armed with Highly sensitive secret information to perform his job.


The new report indicates that HP has failed to confiscate the government sensitive information and the complete build system from HP Servers suchas Gen8’s and Blade Enclosures. Such contractor have access to the military SIPR/NIPR networks as well as the encryption key pair to the top secret networks. They are granted access to Navy documentations.

The cyber security has $23 billion at stake which uses the same security mechanism to encrypt Government Computer Systems which displays the “Government Warning Banner”. In case these documents and security mechanism files are breached to terrorist groups, it could result in planning brutal attacks on US soil derailing US Military Computer Systems.

Earlier, HP was also found in breach of US sanctions against the nation. It again proves that the HP has loose contractual rules governing their contractors. As HP admitted in a private letter to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, that a partner had sold the US manufactured products, without knowing the final destination.

In October 2006, a dozen of top officials of HP took resignation including the Chairperson and directors of HP, following failure of long term project assigned to identify sources of the leak to press of internal corporate discussions. The long term plan included espionage on HP employees through pretexting; a method to extract information from telephone companies through impersonation of the targeted employees. The investigation was provoked when members from the board of directors of HP were known to be involved.

Following, a criminal case was filed against the then HP chairwoman, HP’s former ethics Officer and the external investigators regarding the long term espionage plan on their employees. The jury showed dismissal of all the charges held against HP, but, the incident surfaced the incapability of HP top officials to maintain the confidentiality in company operations.


The corruption amongst the HP top officials was again presented in IBM trade secret theft incident wherein, the then HP vice president, former director of IBM global printer sales, was found guilty in leaking IBM trade secret documents. The trade secret document was marked “IBM Confidential” on each page, as presented in federal court, and included sensitive information in regard to IBM market competence strategy. The document was sent to senior Vice President, HP, prior to his appointment as Vice president, with the subject line “for your eyes only”.


A weak constituency among the top officials within HP is demonstrated through these incidents. This brings out the mismanagement in the enterprise, and losing the conduct of integrity among employees. It results in violation of rules entitled to ensure security practices.


HP is known amongst the top companies in silicon valley, but the repetitive incidents of infidelity demonstrate misusing their reputation in maintaining market position. It is clear that confidentiality and security does not adhere to the company policies. HP itself acts as a prominent link in breach of security in organizations like the Navy and military.

HP cannot afford loosening the security protocols for its contractors and subcontractors, especially when they are working for military and government. Following, the company has to face charges of mishandling and mismanagement of government sensitive files which could lead to Billions lost in Company Revenue.

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