Humanitarian Disaster in Mosul, Iraq

Humanitarian Disaster in Mosul, Iraq | Mosul_2016_UNHCR_RF280580-1024x683 | Human Rights War Propaganda World News
(image: UNHCR/Ivor Prickett)

Media scoundrels ignore US-led terror-bombing, massacring Mosul civilians mercilessly – on the phony pretext of liberating the city from ISIS terrorists America created and supports.

The ongoing battle isn’t what it seems. Thousands of ISIS fighters were redeployed from Mosul to Syria last October. A corridor opened by America let them flee.

At the time, Iraqi Ansarullah al-Nujaba Movement spokesman Hashem al-Moussavi said “Washington is still continuing its military support for the terrorists in” his country, airdropping them weapons and other supplies.

“Our forces have filmed US aircraft while dropping military aids for” ISIS terrorist fighters, he explained. Iraq’s Hassan Abdel Hadi said government forces are concerned about US aerial attacks, impeding their advance on ISIS-controlled areas.

“Unfortunately, there are still some people in Iraq who have been deceived by the US-led coalition, while Washington supports ISIL and is trying to compensate for the damage done” to their fighters by government forces, he explained.

Washington’s Mosul campaign isn’t about liberating the city. It’s about making it uninhabitable by destroying its vital infrastructure, along with maintaining an endless state of war in the country – the same thing going on in Syria and other US war theaters.

Days earlier, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova called humanitarian conditions in Mosul dire, saying “(i)t is impossible to ignore any longer the seriousness of the situation facing (its) civilians.”

Around 800,000 are in harm’s with, supplies of food, water, medicines and other essentials blocked – compounded by US-led terror-bombing, indiscriminately massacring defenseless civilians.

Last week, Sergey Lavrov explained “the humanitarian situation (in Mosul) is much worse than it was in eastern Aleppo.”

Liberating the city got deplorable Western coverage – Syria and Russia vilified for their heroic efforts, falsely accused of killing civilians and bombing nonmilitary targets.

Western coverage of the Mosul campaign is scant, nothing about US-led terror-bombing explained, nothing about massacring civilians, nothing about destroying the city’s infrastructure, nothing about imperial viciousness.

RT visited the Hasan Sham refugee camp east of Mosul. Refugees called the ongoing battle merciless. ISIS holds many civilians as human shields, atrocities committed against people trying to escape when caught.

For months, Iraqi forces did little or nothing to help them. US-led terror-bombing targets areas populated by civilians, massacring them, destroying their homes.

The longer the operation continues, the greater the human toll. Washington bears full responsibility for what’s ongoing  – a high crime on the phony pretext of combating ISIS it created and supports, ignored by media scoundrels.

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