Hunger Strike At The Vatican: Kevin Galalae Needs Your Help

An effort to expose the global depopulation policies

Hunger Strike At The Vatican: Kevin Galalae Needs Your Help | Kevin-1-451x300 | Eugenics & Depopulation Protestors & Activists Sleuth Journal

Our children’s lives are at stake and the future of our families. To ensure that we do not fail in our duties as parents I am going to Rome to engage in a hunger strike at the Vatican so as to compel Pope Francis to speak up, come to our defense, and openly condemn the diabolical methods and means of the Global Depopulation Policy. To get to
Rome I need your help to fundraise enough money. I would not ask if my life and financial independence had not been crushed by the coalition of forces behind the attack
on our innocent children. We now have the support of the diplomatic community which has taken up our cause. Is it not time the Church lives up to the values and norms it espouses?  Help me make sure that it does.

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About Kevin Galalae:

Kevin Mugur Galalae is a human rights activist and political exile who has renounced both his Canadian and Romanian citizenships and chosen statelessness in protest against the trampling of our rights and liberties in the name of counter-terrorism and radicalization. He has launched legal action against the governments of Canada and the UK at the European Court of Human Rights for violating academic freedom and free speech in universities and has exposed a covert program of surveillance and censorship in the UK and the EU that was adopted to stifle democratic debate, manufacture consent and man the ranks of governments, international organizations and civil society with sycophants, moral degenerates and social deviants. In retaliation, the governments of Canada and the UK have arrested Kevin five times, have confiscated his intellectual and physical property and have forcibly separated him from his children, forcing him to flee Canada in order to save his life and freedom. Most recently, Kevin has exposed the pivotal component of the New World Order, the depopulation agenda and the chemical and biological means by which governments are waging low-intensity sub-lethal warfare on their people in order to fulfill demographic objectives that favour the elites and damn the rest of mankind to intellectual and physical degradation and ultimately to genetic extinction. Kevin has founded the People’s Protection Court and the People’s Protection Force and has drafted the OM Principles in order to provide the instruments and ethos necessary to bring down the New World Order, reinstate the rule of law, and enable the 99% to gain control of their lives and destinies. He is the author of the bookWater, Salt, Milk: Killing Our Unborn Children and of numerous articles published by Cryptome, The Sleuth Journal, Wikispooks, The Oslo Times and other media outlets.


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