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This awakening dynamic is one of the main drivers of my impetus for communicating and attempting to motivate and encourage others. If people knew what their energetic contribution is accomplishing they’d jack up their participation to such massive degrees it would accelerate the change we seek in ways that would make everything simply fly out of the grip of control grid in a manner that would defy imagination!

That is no exaggeration. It’s a simple, provable reality at our fingertips. I try to get this fact of spiritual truth across but this blinding mind slippage the matrix causes is just horrendous and blocks this realization from really hitting home.

But crack the blockage we will!

As I said in Yank the Morphic Rug:

Until we truly realize our full potential and effect, both individually and collectively, we can easily live in a state of semi-conscious discouragement and disempowerment when it needn’t be that way.

Our warfare is primarily spiritual. Yet spirituality manifests in many ways, and much of it is informational. This in turn leads to more conscious awareness and much more conscious action, as well as fundamental non-compliance with the influences of their imposed spiritual and societal construct.

What Fights This Realization?

Lots of stuff. Egoic bs like self and image concerns, doubt born of ingrained ignorance and cynicism, mental constructs that have defied such a possibility from birth, and very powerful energetic influences that seek to blind and cripple the human race from this simple realization.

That’s an incomplete summary but it gives the idea. Their carefully constructed deck’s stacked against us in this struggle for true freedom. But that’s of no concern where things really matter. Once we get it, the tables turn – profoundly!

True knowledge is empowering. Especially deep, fundamental and energetic knowledge. Knowledge is knowing, not hypothesizing, believing or hoping. It’s from that foundation we must learn to operate and avoid the shallow and disturbed vibrational levels that seek to distract and disempower us.

Vibrational Warfare

I’ve written often about the power of the morphic field we each influence. We all affect it continually, awake or asleep in all of their meanings. Disengaging with the synthetic cover up reality disempowers it. End of story. However, engaging in creative co-creation empowers the opposite true alternative reality.

Extremely profound. Two powerfully dynamic and effective actions in one fell swoop!

As each one takes this simple step, the “whirled” influences we live in change drastically. It’s compounded faster than fractional banking.

What frustrates me is how people can’t see the effects of such conscious activism. It’s more powerful than information, way greater than any kind of political activism, and more profound than attacking (and empowering) an apparent enemy on their terms.

It’s all about energy, and where it goes. Simple as that. What we engage in determines our vibrational state.

When we wake up and see the simplicity of our own directed energy “weapon” if you will, and how profoundly effective what we engage and don’t engage in is, it’s a whole new playing field.

And it then becomes our field, not theirs. That’s the key.

Disengage and Engage

The answers are simple for each of us but not always easy. They require discipline, resolve, determination and a good hunk of guts. Because the fallout is massive. Our lives change drastically on this plane and our direction often becomes unknown.

So what?

What else is there to live for? Short term pleasure and comfort at the cost to all of humanity and the health and well being of our planet and those we profess to love?

Where is our vision? Where is our intelligence?

There are so many avenues opening for participation that are simply partially conscious and side step the real issues. Dig deep and make a difference in the most profound way possible.

You’ll know it when you strike pay dirt. Then do it. It’s not complicated at all.

Love always, Zen

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Zen Gardner -I have questions. Life is wonderful–full of amazing wonders that continue to unfold. My quest for truth has given me new perspectives which lead to well springs of information that continue to inspire awe and wonder at the world we live in. Dare to explore and see what leaves you …just wondering.

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