Illegally Imposed US And EU Sanctions On Syria Harm Civilians Most

Illegally Imposed US And EU Sanctions On Syria Harm Civilians Most | bashar-assad | Human Rights World News

Security Council members alone may impose sanctions on nations, groups, enterprises and individuals, not individual countries.

Sino/Russian vetoes prevented wrongful imposition of SC sanctions since Obama launched naked US aggression on Syria in March 2011.

Washington and EU nations illegally imposed them multiple times on their own, violating UN Charter principles, as well as the General Assembly’s 1974 Charter of Economic Rights and Duties of States.

It prohibits nations from using or encouraging use of economic, political or other measures to coerce another country to subordinate its sovereign rights to a higher power.

Under Part IV, Section 1, Chapter III, Article 54 of the Protocol 1 Additional to the Geneva Conventions (1977):

(1) Starving civilians during war is prohibited.

(2) Attacking, destroying, removing, or compromising indispensable items is prohibited. They include foodstuffs, crops, livestock, drinking water installations and supplies, irrigation works, and other essential products, services, and facilities relating to them.

UN General Assembly Resolution 44/215 (1989) prohibits political and economic coercion against developing countries.

It specifically covers trade and financial restrictions, blockades, embargoes, and other economic sanctions, calling them incompatible with UN Charter principles. They adversely affect the ability of targeted nations to function politically, economically and socially – to provide life essentials for their people.

Sanctions harm civilians most. They’re imposed for this purpose in countries like Syria, the ill-conceived strategy aiming to foster anti-government sentiment, supposedly making them easier to topple.

Results show polar opposite results. When populations are threatened or attacked militarily, politically or economically, they largely support their governments, the only authority able to protect them from hostile forces.

It was true in Libya with Gaddafi having around 90% support before US-led NATO finished ravaging the country, leading to his sodomized-related death.

It’s evident in Syria, Assad and parliamentarians supporting him overwhelmingly prevailing in elections independent monitors called open, free and fair.

According to a May 2016 UN report titled “Humanitarian Impact of Syria-Related Universal Restrictive Measures,” Washington and EU nations mostly harm civilians with “some of the most complicated and far-reaching sanctions ever imposed.”

Blocking money transfers greatly impedes humanitarian aid by preventing groups providing it from paying salaries and buying what’s needed for delivery to government and US-supported terrorist-controlled areas.

All goods with 10% or more US contents are banned, restricting or preventing delivery of food, medicines and other essential to life supplies.

Syrians are suffering and dying from US/EU imposed deprivation – a Nuremberg-level war crime on top of all others committed by these countries.

The self-styled “exceptional” nation and its rogue partners are responsible for more deaths, destruction and human misery than any previous pure evil alliance.

Their handwork may kill us all if not challenged and stopped.

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