India: Youth Today- Are We The Lost Generation?

India: Youth Today- Are We The Lost Generation? | YOUTH-LOST-647x450 | News And Opinions

Today’s youth comprises of maximum population in India.  Be it education, sports, entertainment or lifestyle; they represent style, smartness, intelligence, smart work and Higher education. Be it Night-outs, lounging in the pubs, tapping feet to the rocking music in the discs to showing of their cool levis jeans, i-pod, i-phones and woodland shoes or hanging out with their girlfriends or boyfriends.  They have it all…..the attitude to win….the “keep on trying attitude”…the attitude “We rock”!

Many say, “The youth of today is a lost generation” as they do not possess responsibility towards the society, their lives revolves round entertainment, sex, enjoyment, drugs and ignorance. How true is it? Who is responsible for such behavior?  “The Youth?”…. “No…..not the youth…It’s the Generation, Science, the technology and more over lack in education for using such technologies.

I am 25 year old and consider myself “A youth” and considerably think about the well-being of the society, think about spending time with parents, think about career, dream and take initiative to plan priority. I am not a lost generation!

People who call us a “Lost generation” need to keep in mind that each generation of young people have to deal with things that “WE” never did. My parents never had to deal with School violence, local train violence or have to pass through Metal detectors or even face hard times to get into well paid jobs. Things have changed drastically. 20 years back our parents had time to think about caste, creed, and culture. They had ample of time to discuss about Ram Mandir and Babri masjid, to categorize people into Hindu, Muslims, Christians and Sikhs. It’s the youth who followed “Humanity” as religion. They hang around with friends irrespective of their caste, creed and culture. It’s the youth who have brought revolution against terrorism in the streets.

Gone are the days of going to the drive in movies, or out to make out hill. Today’s youth have to deal with things that could have never been imagined 20 years ago. 20 years ago, you really didn’t have to go to the college, and if you did you were probably going to be a doctor, an engineer or an executive in some huge turnover corporate. If you take a look at the career site these days and you need four year degree just to be an administrative assistant!

Times have changed, people have changed and it’s time to realize that these are the people who will run the world when we age. It’s high time we support the Youth of the world instead calling them a “Lost generation” .

——Arshpreet kaur

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