Instagram Introducing Polls in Stories

Instagram Introducing Polls in Stories | twitter-facebook-instagram | News And Opinions

Instagram stories are where people share their videos and photos on this social network, which disappear automatically after 24 hours. They have added a new feature for marketers to communicate with their followers.

The businesses can use a pool system to ask questions of their audience in real time. So, that their audience can share their thoughts about the asked questions and marketers can use their audience answer for the promotion of their business.

The answers to the poll questions will be available after 24 hours, just like the story and the marketers will be able to see results of every option and know who have participated in the pool.

The new tool will be available for the consumers to help them choose one option from two. Like what to have dinner and what to wear, Instagram added in a blog post.

In June, Instagram announced that they have over 250 million stories from their users. Those a third are industries, Facebook’s Global Head of Sales Carolyn Everson shared to CNBC. However, the story feature got live on Instagram in August 2016.

Being the owner of the business, you can have your own Instagram profile. However, they can pay for advertising for the platform. Instagram added the ads features to stories this January. That allows the marketers to put their ads in a 5-second photo and 15-second video in the user story content.

Today, Instagram is running over 2 million advertisers, where the video is growing popularity. The stats show 80 percent of users spent time on watching advertisement videos on Instagram stories.

In September 2017, the platform stated that they have over 800 million monthly active users, up from 700 million were in April 2017 and 500 million of them are using Instagram daily.

New Creative Tools

Possible you will see two new tools to make your stories more active and creative. There will be a color picker for text, brushes, tools to align text and stickers.

When the user chooses a color for the text and drawing, there will be an eyedropper icon appear at left that allows you to make changes in your stories. You can simply use it to select any color from the video or image and apply it to your text or sketch.

There will be a plus feature for iOS users. Being an Apple device user, you will be you can position your text or sticker on your photo or video. There will be blue lines that will appear in the center, so you can avoid placing it in the center so everyone can watch your story. There will be a new guide for the text or stickers that will help you snap your sticker back to horizontal.

No doubt Instagram influencers are getting popular among the marketers, now this tool is going to be a plus in your marketing campaigns. This will help the startups to ask questions about their business campaigns from their audience and use it for their brand awareness.

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